Tesla Autopilot Doesn’t Recognize eScooters

Watch the video after the break and you’ll gain a new appreciation of the human brain! Machines have a long way to go to match what we humans do effortlessly, instantaneously, and without really thinking.

In the meantime, this screensnap:

Click = big

It shows the Tesla Autopilot system not recognizing a parked bicycle behind a fence and not recognizing a parked eScooter. It does, however, recognize parked conventional motorcycles and motor scooters (as shown above) even when there are clusters of them. I also noticed it classified someone crossing its path (while stopped) on a bicycle as “Moto.” That’s incorrect because later on another bicyclist is encountered and correctly tagged as “Cycle.” Also, while moving, it classified someone off to the right who was rollerblading(!) as “Moto.” A second(!) rollerblader alternates as “Cycle” and “Ped.” Many, many stationary objects are misrecognized and tagged as “Ped.”

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Washington, D.C. Action Ride For Rental eScooter Death

I refuse to call this a memorial ride when it’s clearly designed for action. Change is what’s needed, not remembering.

Memorial ride planned for 20-year-old scooter rider killed in Dupont Circle

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Apple Watch Fall Detection

How to Turn On Fall Detection on Apple Watch Series 4

If you’ve been throwing yourself to the ground to see how Fall Detection in your Apple Watch Series 4 works, but you don’t get an alert, you need to turn on the feature. Fall Detection is off by default, but it’s easy to turn on. Read on to learn how.

Why would you want this if you’re not old? Because of this and this.

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“Service Fees.” Um, What?

Electric Bike Review explains a new twist on getting paid …

I Get Paid for Reviews… Here’s How it Works #TruthInAdvertising

I don’t yet know what to think about that. The word that immediately comes to mind is “Advertorial.”

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China’s Niu eBike/eScooter Maker IPO

Chinese electric scooter startup Niu files for $150M U.S. public offering

Chinese electric scooter startup Niu Technologies has filed for an initial public offering on Nasdaq to raise up to $150 million. In its form, Niu said it is “the largest lithium-ion battery-powered e-scooters company in China,” according to data from China Insights Consultancy, and also a market leader in Europe based on sales volume.

Ordinarily, I would not be writing about this kind of vehicle. But the Niu brand was mentioned yesterday in a video. They’re considered the high-end of what are called eBikes in China.

Maybe people who began with eScooters and eSkateboards and the like will graduate to something like this? Or maybe not.

This could be a play to get the attention of Uber and Lyft or a startup eager to add a vehicle like this to a rental fleet. That’s already happening in Brooklyn, NY. To further muddy the categories, what they’re offering isn’t called an eBike nor an eScooter. It’s called an eMoped.

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Reference: Sizing-Up Some Small Skateboard Decks, Third Edition

ELOS: 17.0″ x 10.0″

Eggboard: 19.0″ x 9.0″

Baby Ghost: 19.0″ x 7.5″

Kolong: 19.6″ x 8.6″

121c Rover: 21.95″ x 6.47″

Anonymous Pacto: 22.75″ x 7.5″

Quinboards Micro-Me: 24.0″ x 8.6″

And then there’s the BoardUp foldable: 33.0″ x 8.25″

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Video: eScooter Design Flaw & Safety Tips

A must-see video from a highly-experienced eScooer rider.

He highlights a design flaw I hadn’t considered and should have. It’s the same thing that caused me grief when I was a kid riding a pedal bicycle!

He also has something to say about the hard tires of the Ninebot/Segway ES Kickscooter models.

Why are people DYING on Lime Scooters?

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New YouTube Behavior: Separated Notifications

It took too damn long for someone over there to wake up and separate Comments from Notifications, like so:

Until now, I’ve had to scroll through the entire list to find Comment replies that were mixed in with video Notifications.

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eBikes In China: eScooters To Americans

This is a fascinating — and funny — look at how eBikes have become popular in China. A major reason is that the Chinese government has made motorcycle licenses prohibitively expensive (hating the noise of motorcycles, I favor that!).

What they call an “eBike” in China looks like what we’d call an electric scooter here in America (and probably in Western Europe too).

China Kickstarts The Electric Scooter Revolution

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Breaking Apple, Part Two

It sounds like Apple’s original content is going to be really, really bad

After having a good laugh in this earlier post — Breaking Apple — I will now take the counterpoint.

Back when there were only three broadcast networks — ABC, CBS, NBC — TV was G-rated as hell.

And yet it produced some damned fine dramas: The Avengers, Secret Agent (aka Danger Man), The Prisoner, Roots, Patterns, Marty, The Captain and the Kings, Holocaust, QBVII, and many more. Hardly any of these have been matched in “modern” times.

So, it is entirely possible for Apple to build a G-rated line-up that stands out and is memorable.

But will they be able to do it? It sounds to me like they wouldn’t know a good show — G-rated or not — if it bit them on their necks.

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