Every. Damn. Weekend.

I’ve lost count of how many recent weekends have turned into rainfests.

Now this:

There’s still time for the forecast to change and for the snow to go elsewhere.

Bring Spring!

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Moneyball In Quantland

From The Quants: How a New Breed of Math Whizzes Conquered Wall Street and Nearly Destroyed It by Scott Patterson; pages 287-288 of the TPB:

Renaissance [Technologies] was also free of the theoretical baggage of modern portfolio theory or the efficient-market hypothesis or CAPM. Rather, the fund was run like a machine, a scientific experiment, and the only thing that mattered was whether a strategy worked or not — whether it made money. In the end, the Truth according to Renaissance wasn’t about whether the market was efficient or in equilibrium. The Truth was very simple, and remorseless as the driving force of any cutthroat Wall Street banker: Did you make money, or not? Nothing else mattered.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

That reminds me of this scene in Moneyball:

Moneyball Science vs scouts

He gets on base. The strategies aren’t like the other quants — but they make money.

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New YouTube Behavior: Comment Notifications

I used to be able to right-click on a Comment reply and open the video in a new tab. Not anymore:

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Raymond Reddington Versus Donald Trump

The sad fact is, the facts have never mattered less than they do today. We’re living in a time when truth has been so diminished in value that even those at the top of government are quite comfortable with truth being whatever they can convince people to believe.

Ooof! A surprising bit of truth in s6e3 of The Blacklist, as Raymond Reddington acts as his own counsel in a sealed hearing to overturn his imprisonment.

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Wall Street Journal Goes Silly On Apple’s Future

Polaroid. Walkman. Palm Pilot. iPhone?

If history is any indication, though, America’s favorite handheld device will someday take up residence with the digital camera, the calculator, the pager, Sony’s Walkman and the Palm Pilot in a museum. Although it’s hard to imagine the iPhone dying, change can sneak up rapidly on contraptions that are deeply entrenched in American culture.

Not for at least another decade.

Let me remind everyone of this: Quote Of The Day: Hope For Apple Edition

Everybody in the world who has an iPhone is going to buy a new iPhone to have 5G.

The only way for that not to happen is for another phone to best the iPhone. Because most of those iPhone owners aren’t going to switch to the data-leaking, privacy-violating, malware-prone Android unless that phone is as revolutionary as the original iPhone. And although they could be temped by a phone like this, hey, it’s still Android! And who says Apple couldn’t do that too?

The other argument is that most people probably own an Android-based tablet — because of Amazon’s Fire line — but these are two different markets. A phone is not a tablet, no matter how many idiots think the iPhone XS Max can replace an iPad Mini. Plus, a tablet tends to stay at home so there’s not much to spy on. I see few tablets in the wild these days. People usually have a notebook (which would include a Chromebook) or a phone.

Apple has at least a few replacement cycles to go through as carriers transition to 5G. Eventually, it’ll all be 5G and even the iPhone holdouts will have to buy again.

And if carriers find something even faster, or on different frequencies, repeat.

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“Tyranny Of Feelings”

What’s Happening With Our Society? SHOCKING Revelations. God Help Us All.

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Video: Chang’e-4 Moon Landing

Chang’e-4 making soft landing on the Moon’s far side

Well done, China.

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Nudgestock? WTF! Anyway: Dominic Cummings

The scariest part of this video for me is that it took place at an event called Nudgestock. Edward Bernays is laughing in his grave.

Here is Dominic Cummings explaining how the Leave campaign won against the pro-EU forces in the UK.

Cummings – Why Leave Won the Referendum

I can now see why Cummings laughs at those in ad agencies. They’re what the losing side used.

There’s a lot of political truth in his talk. Worth watching.

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Steve Bannon’s Poisonous Playbook Won’t Die

The ‘doomsday’ scenario: Here’s what happens if the shutdown drags on

  • 38 million low-income Americans lose food stamps
  • 6 million face an uncertain timetable for collecting tax refunds
  • 2 million without rental assistance and facing possible eviction
  • 800,000 paycheck-less federal employees plunged into dire financial straits
  • Shuttered parks and museums while overstressed airports cause tourism to tank
  • Federal court system slows to a crawl
  • Disaster relief money doesn’t get to storm-ravaged areas
  • Lapsed FDA and EPA inspections lead to dangerous outbreaks
  • Private companies looking to go public are stuck in limbo
  • Stock market plummets

Steve Bannon wanted to bring down the government. He’s getting his wish.

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New YouTube Behavior: Latest YouTube Posts

This now appears on my YouTube home page:

They have a bizarre way of defining “Latest.” Most of them are 3-6 days ago. It should be 3-6 hours.

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