A Lesson In Marketing

A Tale of Two Kickstarter Campaigns: A $500K Difference from Marketing

But the truth is right here:

Reviv’s team is dedicated to this product category, while Natsu’s team is not. This is probably the most important thing on the list. We were just using Natsu to learn more about the manufacturing and new product development process. Maybe our soul wasn’t in it enough.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Why even bother if you’re not 100% committed?

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Me, This Afternoon

But what I’m trying to un-damage from yesterday’s Sneak Attack Snowfall, isn’t a furnace …

Furnace scene from A Christmas Story

I’ve already assessed the damage, started the un-damaging, but I need to wait for the sun (thank god it’s out — for now!) to dry everything and melt a lot of the accursed snow. Plus, my damn hands were getting numb. This is a bare-handed task. Dammit.

Once I start in earnest, blogging hours will conclude for the day.

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R.I.P. Writer William Goldman

William Goldman, Oscar-Winning Writer of ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,’ Dies at 87

William Goldman, who won Oscars for his original screenplay for “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” and his adaptation of “All the President’s Men,” died on Friday in his Manhattan home, according to the Washington Post. He was 87.

His daughter Jenny Goldman cited complications from colon cancer and pneumonia as the cause of his death.

He is probably most famous for his quote that pops up seemingly everywhere:

Of the movie business he once famously observed “nobody knows anything,” a bit of wry wisdom that is often quoted on studio lots and executive suites.

Rest in peace.

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Fairness Creates Crybaby Snowflakes Who Create Nothing

The Unfair Advantage of Discomfort

In 1962, psychologist Victor Goertzel published a book called “Cradles of Eminence: A Provocative Study of the Childhoods of Over 400 Famous Twentieth-Century Men and Women.” They selected individuals who had had at least two biographies written about them and who had made a positive contribution to society. They found that less than 15% of their famous men and women had been raised in supportive, untroubled homes, with another 10% in a mixed setting. Of the 400, a full 75% grew up in a family burdened by a severe problem: poverty, abuse, absent parents, alcoholism, serious illness or some other misfortune.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

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Boolean Moriarty?

Could Sherlock Holmes’s true nemesis have been a mathematician?

A thorough comparison between Conan Doyle’s fictional Moriarty and the real Boole reveals numerous persuasive similarities. Both characters held chairs at small provincial universities; both won appointments on the basis of outstanding early work; both had interests in astronomy; the two were of similar appearance – an illustration of Moriarty in Conan Doyle’s work bears a striking resemblance to a photograph of Boole and may well have been based on it.

I once came across some Sherlockian thinking that was hailed as a brilliant insight into the canon. The guy posited that Moriarty tutored the young Holmes in mathematics.

It fits.

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How Rental eScooters Affect Uber, Lyft, And Other “Rideshares”

I detest the term “sharing” for what is actually a commercial transaction. Stop it.

Here are some thoughts from a “rideshare” driver on the impact of rental eScooters.

3 Ways Scooters Will Affect Rideshare Drivers

And given all the press decrying “rideshare” congestion, the stat he mentions in the video made me have a flashback to the introduction of the iPhone when Steve Jobs mentioned their target market share for the first year:

Makes you wonder just how huge Uber, Lyft, and others can get, doesn’t it?

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Dan Peña: W. Clement Stone’s Scam?

Whoa. He has the facts straight but the revelation is something I’ve never heard before!


As the corrupt AbScam Congressman said, “Money talks. Bullshit walks.”


Words of Wisdom from Stuart Smalley

Ask yourself, Why do so many “motivational” videos show clips of or feature interviews with athletes? Because what they do can be measured.

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iPad Pro Can Be A Classic Mac

Oh man …

… that revs up my tech lust. I could never track down System 7 for my old LC III. I waited too long. It’s stuck on System 6.

I don’t give a damn what anyone says. The pre-OS X Mac was the best damn computer ever.

After the break, the source tweet and a link to a GIF.

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What Is Killing 2018 iPhone Sales


Apple has turned stupid but the buying public isn’t as stupid.

I’ve ruled out getting an iPhone XR precisely because of the possibility that next year’s iPhone will have USB-C, so why do I want a phone that’s going to change connectors next year? I don’t want to add clutter to my life.

Gruber says everything else iOS will stick to Lightning. If Apple is that stupid, they should just shut down the damn company. No one with an IQ is in charge anymore. Apple has become a collection of little gangs and no one is looking at the overall view. Steve Jobs always saw the complete picture.

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Sneak Attack Snowfall

A coating to an inch became one to three inches and wound up with an official 6.4 inches in Central Park!

And this wasn’t fluffy snow. Hell no. It was heavy AF and fell fast and kept going.

The city didn’t do any preventative salting, so traffic became a total nightmare. I didn’t hear any plow pass by until 10PM last night. It was too late by then.

I have damages to attend to today. This will drastically cut blogging hours. Unless the damage is irreparable. In which case I’ll sit here and scream out loud like a crazy man as I did last evening when I had to walk to a nearby store and transit slush puddles and ice. Yeah, I was That Guy last night.

I hate Winter!

Same-morning update: The weather has gone insane. Ice pellets coming down now with Hell Wind. And the damages look irreparable but I’ll give it a shot this afternoon when the ice and wind leave. Dammit.

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