Amazon Wish List For Hurricane Maria Relief In Puerto Rico

Second note: I’ve been told this post has done some good. So it will remain up until January 1, 2018. If you haven’t contributed, please do. Things are still a wreck down there.

Note: This post will be a Sticky until I think it’s stopped doing some good. Scroll down one for new posts. But read this first and help!

Astrid Cruz — aka artistikem on Twitter — is a writer in Puerto Rico. Remember Hurricane Maria ravaged it?

As if that wasn’t bad enough, there’s been round after round of drenching rain since. See this Instagram video from Astrid.

Most of the island is still without electricity and, according to a TV news report I just saw while doing this post, eighty percent of people have no access to clean running water.

Assistance still isn’t getting where it’s needed. And Astrid needs help ASAP.

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Ugh. Typos.

I seem to be making a lot of typos within the past two weeks.

Reeze’s Law has been flattening me.

(And it’s actually not his law. Someone on Twitter pointed out it’s someone else’s. Who, I can’t recall. But that’s not to say Reeze ripped it off. Similarity of thought.)

I hope there are no damn typos in this post!

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Communique From The Maker Of The Dual-Motor S5 Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter

This is an extremely rare event. So rare that it’s getting promoted from Comments to a post.

A Chinese electric scooter maker was actually communicative! It’s YJC Industrial, the maker of S5 reviewed by Kurt V.

The Comment is rather lengthy but informative. See it after the break.

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TV: Counterpart

The televangelist Robert Schuller composed a sentence I’ve never forgotten:

What would you do today if you knew you would not fail?

But something about that always bugged me.

I couldn’t put my finger on why it did until today, after watching the leaked first episode of Counterpart from Starz.

Maybe it’s just me, but Schuller’s sentence encompasses just two things: Doing something or getting something. Maybe many people would just think about the getting of something: Having the winning lottery numbers, for example.

It wasn’t until today, after Counterpart, that I realized Schuller’s sentence bugged me because there’s a second sentence that needs to be asked afterwards.

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Electric Transport Miscellany

Denmark — best-known now for giving the world Sarah Lund in Forbrydelsen — legalized electric skateboards but did it very, very badly. If you’re going to lobby for law changes, know what the hell you’re doing. Start with the Singapore law as an example but modify it to make it more electric skateboard friendly. Showing a government that other governments are changing their laws is more persuasive than pure lobbying.

CrownWheel — one of the developers of the dual-motor S5 carbon fiber electric scooter — is looking for a YouTuber to review a new electric skateboard.

BoramiNYC at Reddit recommended a very interesting backpack I must investigate.

CheeeseBurgerAu at Reddit gives us further insight into the perils of doing business with or in China:

I used to work at an oil and gas company that had interlectual property around coal gasification plants. We built one over there and they just copied everything and built another half a dozen with nothing the company could do and this was a very large US based company. IP means nothing in China.

I see 2 approaches, don’t do business with China and increase manufacturing costs drastically or do what enertion [an electric skateboard company] seems to do and always be innovating. This way by the time they copy your design you have moved on to producing something better. There doesn’t seem to be anything innovative about the banshee [an electric skateboard] so it is easy to copy.

Ah, more Ferengi China!

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eSkateboards category

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Don’t Be Like This Moron

Get an interest. Get a hobby. Get a library card. Throw off the poison other people infect you with.

Previously here:

Lower Manhattan Bike Path Terror Attack

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December 9-10, 2017 Weekend In Review

The snow happened. Two inches where I am. Misery while it lasted and the next morning there was ice. At least it wasn’t the 3-5″ forecasted. Half of it melted and evaporated during the sunny Sunday.

Wired magazine has a pop-up store in the Winter Garden. The central item is a car called Genesis. What was most interesting to me was a Uscooters Booster electric scooter — in a rare white color. Locked-down and uncharged on a pedestal. So no test rides and no way to even stand on it to get any sort of impression.

No e-riders sighted. I hunkered down. The only things moving on the bike path were pedal and stealth electric bikes making deliveries (probably food for the rich), even during the snow and even over the icy path the next day.

Weekend reading was The Thief by Fuminori Nakamura and The Golden Gizmo by Jim Thompson.

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NYC Snow Alert #2: Worsening

Winter Weather Advisory

… Winter Weather Advisory now in effect from 4 am Saturday to 4 am EST Sunday…

* what… snow expected. Plan on slippery Road conditions. Total snow accumulations of 3 to 5 inches are expected, with locally 6 inches possible in southwestern Connecticut.

* Where… portions of northeast New Jersey, southern Connecticut and southeast New York.

* When… from 4 am Saturday to 4 am EST Sunday.

The amount of total snowfall and the length of the time it will snow have both increased.

I’ve seen such forecasts be wrong before. I hope it is wrong this time too. For less of both.

Previously here:

NYC Snow Alert

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Human Contagion

Another behavioral video I came across on YouTube that’s worth a look.

I have a Draft post from yesterday that I never finished that ties into this. That post can sit and fester for now (ah, I’ve set up a mystery!) because I haven’t (yet?) found a satisfactory ending.

This also ties into the prior post about Pre-Suasion. I found the bit about the brain acting like a search engine fascinating. And how the “search result” is then projected onto the other person as a perception.

The human mind is strange!

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There seems to be a paradoxical pre-holiday lull in electric transport developments (not even the awake and aware electric skateboard makers are pushing their marketing advantages!), so I’ve been wandering around YouTube looking at a variety of human psychology videos.

I came across one that was very interesting and is worth a post here.

I’ve also placed a Hold at the public library (get your library card!) because I found the video that interesting.

See it after the break.

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YouTube’s Watch Later Sucks

Why can’t I:

1) Sort it by reverse date order? That is, having the most recent videos I’ve added at the top, not the bottom? This is so damn elementary!

2) Why can’t I put videos into Categories or Playlists within Watch Later? I have over one thousand videos socked away there. Putting them into specific Categories or Playlists would help me to get through them.

I’ve given up on Watch Later. I’ve found a hack.

Open the video you want to watch later, let it play for ten or so seconds, then close it.

Then go to History in the sidebar. That puts videos in most recent order. The ones that need to be watched will be there at the top.

Now I just have to remember to go to History to catch up before watching any new videos.

Hey, all you so-called smart people being paid big bucks at YouTube: I shouldn’t have to do this!

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