Hulu: Becoming Bond

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R.I.P. Actor Roger Moore

Roger Moore, Who Played James Bond 007 Times, Dies

He is with the other saints now.

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The End Of iPad Mini Clones Because The End Of iPad Mini

Apple to discontinue iPad mini as device gets squeezed from both ends

Not one to ever be shy about disrupting the company’s own lineup, our source beats the Apple drum and states that there’s “fierce cannibalism of our own products” and that the iPad mini has just been “sized out of its own category.” We’re also told that the numbers are “very clear” as far as sales are concerned, which is most likely the biggest reason the company plans to eliminate the littlest iPad.

It’s not clear if Apple plans to continue selling the iPad mini for a period of time without further updates, or if it will pull the device at some point in the near future.

Um, well. Hm.

Samsung did it first, killing the Tab S2 8.0 by not updating it to an S3. Or did Asus do it first, by never widely releasing a ZenPad 8.0 sequel? Or did Best Buy do it first, by having a single batch of the Insignia Flex Elite 7.85 made and no more? Or did practically all of the iPad Mini clone makers in China do it first, by dumping that form factor?

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Fulfilled By Amazon: Chinese Tech Entry Point?

Why Amazon is eating the world

This is the most interesting bit to me:

The broadest example of this is the Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) program. If you’ve ever ordered a product from Amazon that says “Sold by {Company} and Fulfilled by Amazon,” you’ve seen FBA in action.

With FBA, Amazon allows third-party sellers to ship bulk inventory to Amazon — Amazon stores this inventory (which the seller still owns) in Amazon’s fulfillment center, ships the product to the Amazon customer when the order is placed and even handles all of the returns and customer service. The rates are incredibly competitive. And FBA isn’t limited to items sold on Amazon — sellers also can use Amazon’s “multi-channel fulfillment” option to ship non-Amazon orders to the seller’s customers. An example of this would be if Hydro Flask operated their own separate e-commerce store on Shopify — when a customer places an order on the Shopify store, Hydro Flask can send the order to FBA (you guessed it — via an external API) and FBA will ship it directly to the customer.

The benefit for Hydro Flask is obvious. They can have the product manufactured in China, and use a freight forwarder like Flexport to ship the product directly from the factory to Amazon’s warehouse — and thus avoid the headache (and overhead) of operating their own warehouse. For Amazon, the surface benefits are numerous: a) better utilization of excess capacity, b) increased shipping volume / leverage with UPS/FedEx, and c) revenue from the fulfillment services (which, combined with Marketplace commissions and “other third-party seller services,” totaled a whopping $6.4 billion in Q1 2017 — or 25 percent of Amazon’s total revenue).

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Impeach The President


Previously here:

Trump Is Over
Trump: A Fraud
The Final Word On Why There Will Be A Trump Landslide

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Trump Is Over


Saturday Night Massacre

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Get A Library Card. Read Books. Be Smarter.

The Oatmeal.

Read the link first before continuing with this post.

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Two iPad Mini Clones From Amazon?

Same-day update: Liliputing says No. And provides evidence. See end of post.

May 17, 2017 update: Don’t even bother to read the rest of the post. They’re not iPad Mini clones:

Amazon launches thinner and lighter $50 Fire tablet

Amazon’s new Fire HD 8 is priced at $80 and up (also comes in a Kids Edition)

Now, the original stupid post …

TabletMonkeys: New Amazon Tablets To Launch In May/June? Well Someone’s Tablets Just Leaked Today

Liliputing: Two new Amazon tablets may have hit the FCC

Look at this:

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R.I.P. Film Director Jonathan Demme

Jonathan Demme, ‘Silence of the Lambs’ director, dead at 73

Jonathan Demme, the Oscar-winning director of “The Silence of the Lambs” and “Philadelphia,” and whose Talking Heads documentary “Stop Making Sense” is considered one of the greatest concert films ever, has died. He was 73.

Rest in peace. You made at least one movie that will be immortal.

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TV: House Of Bond

Bond. Alan Bond.

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