Bletchley’s Forgotten Gordon Welchman


This is a wonderful documentary that shouldn’t be missed.

Alan Turning gets all the praise, but Welchman was right up at Turing’s level.

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Orison Swett Marden: Pushing To The Front, A Brilliant Chapter

On Twitter, I’m counter-programming the dispiriting Trumpage by posting excerpts from Pushing to the Front, a timeless book by Orison Swett Marden that can be had free at Google Books. (See #PushingToTheFront on Twitter.)


One chapter — just over six pages long — is too brilliant to cut up into mere excerpts. So I’m putting it all here.

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Chinese OZO VR Camera After All?

Previously, March 22, 2016: Nokia’s Damn Expensive OZO VR Camera Bugs Me

If Nokia doesn’t jump on this, another company will — there are probably many in Shenzhen ramping up to do so — and they’ll find themselves competing in a crowded market where such a camera is seen as a commodity.

Today, February 14, 2017: “First Lok” at Insta360 Pro, an 8k 360 camera with 6k 3D and 4k livestreaming

As mentioned in the video, Insta360 Pro will be available in April for $3,000.

Not quite the US$1,000 pricetag I was hoping for, but a hell of a lot less than the now-$45,000 Nokia OZO!

This could really be the start of VR filmmaking.

FIRST LOK: Insta360 Pro – 8K 360 Camera – MORE SOLID THAN A MELON!

Previously here:

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Tim Cook’s Augmented Reality Nightmare



Cook: “Wait! No! That’s not what I meant!”

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Overpriced iPad Mini Clone: The JDtab

I learned about this one at TechTablets: JDTab J01 Now Listed On

It’s seriously overpriced at US$286.00. Especially since it doesn’t even have a card slot! Even moreso since it’s 1,499 yuan, which at post time is US$218.

The iPad and Mini clone market in China has collapsed and this, along with the iFive Mini 4s, are the only new entries. Don’t expect more from anyone else, even with rumors of Xiaomi possibly doing a third tablet.


PCPop has done a shallow review of the JDtab [Google Translate]. It doesn’t even have sample images from the cameras. For more information, see the post.

This is a tablet going nowhere.

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Samsung: No Tab S3 8.0 In 2017

Galaxy Tab S3 with S Pen leaks in new photo

The new report, supplied by Roland Quandt, says that Samsung will not release an 8-inch model this year […]

I’m not a fan of the Tab’s AMOLED screen. My eyes find it to be too harsh. But still, no 8.0 model is bad for the market.

I hope Asus will release an updated version of their ZenPad S 8.0 with a non-Intel ARM-based CPU — aside from the one Verizon is carrying. Hell, even if it’s a MediaTek chip. But there’s probably zero hope for that.

Which leaves the iPad Mini or … ?

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Inexpensive VR Headset With Remote Control

When Coby was last heard from, it was bankrupt back in 2014.

Now the brand name has been revived:

Click photos to enlarge.

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iFive Mini 4s: Nothing Really New

Five Technology revealed a new iPad Mini clone within the past few weeks, the iFive Mini 4s. The full specs are now out and some retailers are selling it.


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WordPress Android App Problem

When a Draft that has been waiting is published, it seems not to update the timestamp.

To see my newest post — about the Asus ZenPad S3 10 — scroll down or use this link.

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Asus ZenPad S3 10: Google Books PDF Test

The Asus ZenPad S3 10 is a new 9.7-inch iPad clone from Asus. It has a hexacore MediaTek CPU, slim design, light weight, and build quality that is world-class.

I stopped by B&H Photo last week to see something else – that turned out not to be on display – and was surprised to find this tablet out for fondling (despite their website listing at the time saying it wasn’t on display in-store and all sales were online only!).

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