Designated Survivor, Episode One


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Palmer Luckey: So Damned Misguided

Palmer Luckey: The Facebook Near Billionaire Secretly Funding Trump’s Meme Machine

But in another post written under Luckey’s Reddit pseudonym, there are echoes of a similar tech billionaire, Peter Thiel, who used his deep pockets to secretly fund a campaign against Gawker.

“The American Revolution was funded by wealthy individuals,” NimbleRichMan wrote on Saturday. Luckey confirmed to The Daily Beast he penned the posts under his Reddit pseudonym. “The same has been true of many movements for freedom in history. You can’t fight the American elite without serious firepower. They will outspend you and destroy you by any and all means.”

He’s young, just 24.

But so goddammed typical of the Silicon Valley mindset.

They don’t read books. They don’t know history. All they know is tech and how to be an asshole (the latter they are proud to proclaim their expertise in!).

They think they know it all. And that’s why software has bugs that go unfixed for fifteen years. Why our privacy is sold as if it’s just another commodity. And why speech is treated as if it requires an ignorant tech overlord to mediate.

The tech world’s bitch-goddess, the self-alienated and drug-addicted Ayn Rand, said this:

Ideas cannot be fought except by means of better ideas. The battle consists, not of opposing, but of exposing; not of denouncing, but of disproving; not of evading, but of boldly proclaiming a full, consistent, and radical alternative.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Fuck your money. It is useless against an idea whose time has come.

And Trump is not that idea.

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Mr. Robot, Season Two, Episode Twelve


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Vuze Camera Studio Stitch/Edit Software For MacOS Too

The highly-anticipated Vuze camera — the only consumer-affordable VR camera to offer shooting in stereoscopic spheres — was highlighted in an article, HumanEyes Technologies shows off Vuze VR 360 degree 3D camera, that had a curiosity-inspiring closing paragraph:

Stitching and editing of recorded footage is done in the Vuze Studio software on a PC or Mac and final results can be viewed on the included VR headset that is compatible with most smartphones.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Using a Mac?

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Kobo Aura One: Browser, Best Buy, KOReader, Versus iPad Mini 2

I had no idea until today that the Kobo Aura One included a web browser.

It’s accessed via Settings …


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The Digital Reader Site Is Offline For Now

Official statement from Nate:

The Digital Reader experienced a minor technical snafu with its database Monday morning.

I tried to fix the problem by installing a backup copy of the site only to discover both of the most recent backups were corrupted.

The automated daily backups were performed by my web host, Mediatemple, and were my only set of backups. This problem is currently being worked on by Mediatemple, and if it turns out that all the backups are corrupted then my site is dead.

P.S. Thoughts and prayers are appreciated, but what I could use right now is an introduction to a lawyer who can help me get compensation from Mediatemple (experience with ToS contract law is a plus).

Well, that sucks. Good luck, Nate!

Same-day update: It is arisen: We’re Back, Baby!

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Finally! An iPad Mini-Sized Book!

Well, as long as it’s an iPad Mini 4.

Side by side:


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Most Of The Time, CGI In VR Feels Like This To Me

CGI versus real.


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Oculus Rift And PSVR Demos

The Best Buy at Union Square had demos set up for the Oculus Rift and the PlayStation VR.

I tried both.

The Oculus demo began with a trailer that had clips of different things. Two of the most striking was a futuristic city with a plank you were supposed to try to walk off. Another was a “paper town.” There was also that dinosaur that roars in your face, which many others have cited.

I couldn’t walk off the city’s plank because the demo table was in the way. Hell, I couldn’t even get close enough to the edge of the plank to look straight down because of that table.

I was able to do a little better with the paper town by leaning in for a closer look.

After that trailer, we were given a choice of choosing a clip from something. Two other people were before me and each chose a different demo.

I chose an excerpt from Henry the Hedgehog.

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Terrorism In NYC: More SPY FAIL


At about 8:30 Saturday night, I was feeding the cats and getting ready to go to sleep. The TV was off and I was done for the day.

So it wasn’t until Sunday morning I discovered what happened, by seeing the above NY Daily News front page.

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