Hugo Barra Pimps Late Mi 5 Snapdragon 820 Phone

Xiaomi seems to be in some trouble.

They’re no longer the “cool” brand.

Lei Jun set a goal of selling eighty million phones in 2015. Xiaomi fell short by ten to fifteen million and never revealed total sales for 2015. Saving face is one thing. But this is ridiculous. Say the damn number. This is business, not grade school.

Xiaomi, once a challenger, is now being challenged by other domestic brands. Every time one of those brands mentions good sales — as LeTV did with four million sold, and arch-rival Meizu with twenty million — you can bet those are sales that Xiaomi lost. Low prices are no longer the key selling point in China. The masses are moving to premium pricing for premium quality. The days of drooling over an inexpensive all-plastic phone are over. Now Xiaomi is stuck being perceived as the bottom rung of the phone ladder.

Xiaomi will have to pull some kind of miracle to enter the American market this year. BLU and now Huawei — with its Honor 5X — seem determined to prevent such an encroachment.

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One Response to Hugo Barra Pimps Late Mi 5 Snapdragon 820 Phone

  1. Nullspaceoddity says:

    It will be an interesting year to watch! I got my first taste of China phones when I imported a Redmi Note 2 in early 2015 for my wife to try. MIUI is butter smooth on it.

    You can import the Redmi Note 3 for the price of the Honor 5. And the Redmi Note 3 has the faster Helio X10, and 3GB ram. I wonder what the price will be should they finally sell in the US.

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