More Phones With Six-Inch Screens Ahead

Nubia X8 leaks; could feature an SD820, 2K screen

Nubia X8 Leaked With A Metal Body In Gold & Fingerprint ID

Bluboo kicking the door down on the 6-inch 2K flagship market

ZTE Axon Max hands-on

Since Nubia = ZTE, this will be a phone built for the entire world and include all cellular bands. And have a lustastic 6.44-inch 2K screen.

And ZTE also = ZTE, which is where the Axon Max comes in. But it seems to be too little too late now. It should have come to the U.S. in time for the holiday season.

LeTV Le Max Pro will have competition — and it could be tough, since the Nubia has a higher capacity battery!

Now where is Sony with their big screen phone?

Same-day update after the break.

And we have two more incoming!

Hands-On With The Freetel Kiwami

Polaroid’s New Smartphones Are Called ‘Power’ & ‘Snap’

Coming to the second handset from Polaroid, the device is called Power and comes with a price-tag of $249.99, making it the comparatively higher-end and better spec’d smartphone of the two. It features a 6-inch Full HD 1080p display and comes with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. The handset will come with an octa-core CPU under the hood, but there’s no word on the exact chipset here either. As for the cameras, the rear-facing primary camera on the Power is a 13-megapixel unit much like the Snap, but the front-facing camera sees an upgrade to an 8-megapixel sensor. According to Polaroid, the Power will be available commercially this spring, whereas the Snap will hit the market next month itself. The company also says that it will release further info regarding the two devices over the next few weeks.

Hmph. Polaroid. What kind of crap screen will it have? Their tablets have been uniformly atrocious.

Previously here:

LeTV Le Max Pro: A Beast

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