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Thunderbirds Are Go: Touch And Go

I’ve described this as an aggressively-stupid series that is absolute shit. So what a surprise this episode was!

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Xiaomi: Trouble In Unicorn Paradise

On January 6, I wrote: Xiaomi seems to be in some trouble. They’re no longer the “cool” brand. Lei Jun set a goal of selling eighty million phones in 2015. Xiaomi fell short by ten to fifteen million and never … Continue reading

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Insignia Flex Elite 7.85 Innards Described

No photos, alas. Over at ARCTablet forum, graphdarnell reports he had an accident: A word of caution: I dropped the thing today and the touchscreen cracked. Opened it to see if it could be replaced. The battery is a particular … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, In The Tragic, Backward Book World

Will Google, Apple, and SCOTUS Decide the Future of Book Publishing This Year? Two ongoing court battles involving large, technology multinationals may go before the Supreme Court this year, and the outcome of either case could alter the course of … Continue reading

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The REAL Thunderbirds Progresses

Stephen La Rivière has an extraordinary and inspiring story. And now he has been getting to do what every kid who grew up being thrilled by Supermarionation has wanted to do: Play with the toys! After the record-setting successful Kickstarter … Continue reading

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Xiaomi MiPad 2 Battery Recharge Problem

I found out about this via a bad YouTube video. Instead of the awful video, go see the Softpedia text the robovoice was reading over a still photo: Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Affected by Black Screen Issue, Does Not Switch … Continue reading

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