The REAL Thunderbirds Progresses

Stephen La Rivière has an extraordinary and inspiring story.


And now he has been getting to do what every kid who grew up being thrilled by Supermarionation has wanted to do: Play with the toys!

After the record-setting successful Kickstarter campaign to fund three new episodes of the real Thunderbirds series (not that aggressively-stupid CGI abomination polluting televisions), production has wrapped and all the backers — and other supporters — await the final product.

In the meantime, ITN did a behind-the-scenes report. Video and screensnaps after the break.










This is very exciting!

Now the video:

And a bonus clip!

If the Internet and its tools existed back in the days of Gerry Anderson, Thunderbirds would still be on the air. Its worldwide popularity would have led to Gerry pioneering the first TV series people could subscribe to each year. Imagine how it would have all progressed over the decades!

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