Thunderbirds Are Go: Touch And Go

I’ve described this as an aggressively-stupid series that is absolute shit.

So what a surprise this episode was!




It started out aggressively stupid, though, with Scott berating Kayo for “engaging” with someone who stole a computer element.


Absolutely ridiculous as anyone who knows the original series would recognize.

Setting that silliness aside, we get an excellent rescue …


… that corrects the physical insanity of the Trapped in the Sky remake …


… has some very interesting direction …





… and absolutely superb physics at the end of it:






Of course, underneath it all is The Hood:


Who does his best to woo Kayo to his side with some intriguing moral ambiguity never present in the original series and that even kids today might find confusing (or simply ignore because it flies over their heads).

To top it all off, two cherries!

A genuinely-surprising rescue of Kayo herself …


… and a final line used so many times in so many other things but that can still come off as funny in the right context:


Very bad structure, but this is clearly the third best episode of this series. Too bad everything else hasn’t been on the level of this and Extraction and Skyhook. Such a lost opportunity for such a vast investment.

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