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CUBE i9: A Boring 12.2-Inch MS Surface Clone

Well, I said CUBE would try to match the Chuwi Hi12. Well, not exactly. CUBE’s i9 is a ghastly MS Surface clone with a 12.2-inch screen at just 1920 x 1200 resolution. IMP3Net has the details [Google Translate]. I will … Continue reading

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New Asus iPad Mini Clone Coming

I still can’t figure out how Asus massively screwed up their tablet sales in the U.S.. Could it be Best Buy sales were so poor for the otherwise very good US$199 Asus ZenPad S 8.0 due to its Intel CPU? … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Actor Alan Rickman

Actor Alan Rickman dies aged 69 Fans of Harry Potter know him from that. I think most of us know him as Hans Gruber, from Die Hard: Despite being so damned evil, who didn’t admire his suaveness? Rest in peace.

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Amazon Wins As America Deteriorates

Really, how much skill does it take to be a cashier? Grab an item, scan it, place it in a bag. Where I live, even those three steps are above the IQ level of some here. I requested separate ring-ups … Continue reading

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PDF Book: Ghost Factory

It’s US$2.99 and DRM-free. Ghost Factory What would it take to run a ghost factory, engaging hundreds of people in the manufacture of a large physical object, where no-one know’s what they are making, until the moment of completion? This … Continue reading

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Chuwi Hi12 Tablet Gets More Hype, New Pictures

Chuwi Hi12 : 12-Inch of Awesomeness With Dual OS Support On Chuwi Hi12 you will get 4GB of RAM for flawless and fluid multitasking with lots of storage space in the form of 64GB internal storage which supports expandable storage … Continue reading

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LeTV Is Now LeEco

Letv is now LeEco (plus new logo) The new name is as bad as the old one. Americans will mangle this new one as “Lee-co.” Hell, so will most of the rest of the world. Nice logo, though. And I … Continue reading

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