Amazon Wins As America Deteriorates

Really, how much skill does it take to be a cashier?

Grab an item, scan it, place it in a bag.

Where I live, even those three steps are above the IQ level of some here.

I requested separate ring-ups of some items and was blocked with an intrusive, “Why?”

Why is none of your goddammed business.

Your only possible response is, “OK.”

It got very shouty from that point on, with me using the word “fucking” very liberally.

Even proper bagging is beyond the IQ of the cashiers here. Things are just dropped into bags, so you wind up with this bulging mass of items that aren’t properly upright, with large and fragile small items all crammed together with a weight that will rip the handles of the plastic bag.

Really, who wants to put up with shit like this?

Now I understand why so many in Manhattan use Fresh Direct, Peapod, and will probably also give good business to Amazon’s grocery service.

If the checkout experience in Manhattan is that bad, unholy hell, then I’ve got the worst of the worst over here.

These incompetent cashiers will be out of jobs and never understand — oh the irony! — why.

You did it to yourselves.

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2 Responses to Amazon Wins As America Deteriorates

  1. richfinck says:

    Been there done that. Twice in two months I have been short items when I got home from the grocery store. They lay items out of the way and in the distraction of paying I have overlooked taking a final scan of the counter. Guy bagging put bags in cart and missed the one laid over there by the cashier. Was pissed, went back to store, they had no excess left over. Deduced the dumb bastard put in the next customers order. Bonus for him, tough shit for me. Never even offered to make it right.

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