PDF Book: Ghost Factory

It’s US$2.99 and DRM-free.

Ghost Factory

What would it take to run a ghost factory, engaging hundreds of people in the manufacture of a large physical object, where no-one know’s what they are making, until the moment of completion?

This is interesting:

In the next decade we’re going to see new hybrid products/services that have an global impact on the scale of the mobile phone and nascent social networking services, but created, designed, manufactured in China, whose primary market is Chinese, that couldn’t have been made anywhere else and for whom the Rest of the World is a marketing afterthought. It’s cultural, political, technological and ideological values will be resolutely mid-21st century Chinese having absorbed the aspects of the globalised marketplace that are analogous with its world view, and ignoring the rest. It’ll draw the formal and informal manufacturing ecosystem, local business and intellectual property environments that are a trajectory of today’s and on a very Chinese aesthetic.

China would reallllly have to pull a hat trick for that to happen. Even with one billion-plus people, they’ve found they can’t consider the rest of the world as a marketplace a “marketing afterthought.”

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