Read Websites As PDFs

How to save web sites as PDF for reading offline on your iPhone or Android

I didn’t know about this.

Anyone using it more than once?

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4 Responses to Read Websites As PDFs

  1. Bette says:

    I use the iOS version often b/c part of my subway commute is above ground… I like to have the PDFs available to read while in the tunnel… also to avoid more data charges if I want to refer back more than once.

  2. unwiredben says:

    I typically don’t save sites as PDF, but I use Instapaper extensively on both iOS and Android, saving from either my feed reader or Firefox. It usually does a great job on saving the actual article text while dropping the cruft.

  3. ric Day says:

    I sometimes use it to grab long articles and/or short books to read on the train or other places where connections are flaky or don’t exist. I also use the PDF conversion as a way to send long/technical articles to a couple of friends.

    I have a smaller iPhone (5 series) and usually avoid PDFs on it because of the amount of pinch-zoom needed – my large iPad is my reading device of choice.

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