R.I.P. Blogsy iPad App

Blogsy is no longer in the App Store

We tried to come out with a new version of Blogsy (Blogsy II) which would work with the latest version of iOS. Unfortunately, due to the changes in iOS, Blogsy II would become sluggish and basically unusable after dragging in only a few media items (photos or vidoes).

Fomola, the company behind Blogsy and PUPS, has been shut down.

This was an app I was looking forward to buying and using when I finally got an iPad.

No chance now.

A tragedy.

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7 Responses to R.I.P. Blogsy iPad App

  1. Ric Day says:

    I bought Blogsy for my iPad way back and never got comfortable with it. Then found Coda and later Byword and they have become my ” go to” apps; Coda for coding, Byword for writing (using Markdown).

  2. Ian says:


    iPad Air 3 is coming: buy it, you’ll not regret it. I have hundreds of books/magazines on my Air 1, I can save website-pages to iBook PDF documents for reading later and transfer wirelessly between PC/iPad and other iPads (Goodreader: a must-have app). I hate the fact that it hasn’t a sd-card slot and I simply refuse to work with malware/bloathware iTunes. It’s overpriced hipster junk but I ❤️ my iPad. My android tablet is collecting thick layers of dust.

  3. Martin says:

    well, when you get the Ipad probably half of the population will be dead.

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