VR Notes #5: Tribeca VR, XinGear Slammed, Cameras, More

Tribeca’s VR film lineup: Seth Green, splatter horror, psychedelia, and a graphic novel — I need need need to see all that.

Xin Gear Virtual Reality headset with Bluetooth Clicker – XG VR Headset (White) — this was shown in a prior post. It has four reviews at Amazon. All of them ragingly bad. China strikes again?

Kodak PixPro SP360 4K Action Cams can be paired up to film your 360 VR playground — how odd that B&H Photo doesn’t stock the prior version in its store. Maybe this one will make it inside?

Nikon’s Tiny KeyMission360 Action Camera Shoots 360º Video: Annuit Surf Vids — I wonder how many people will buy this and the Kodak camera to do VR prototyping video? Or even personal VR video (oh behave!).

Hashtagged tweets for #vrukfest

Slideshare from a VRUK talk: The State and Future of VR — the YouTube video is still to be posted.

Hashtagged tweets for #visionsummit16 — all attending developers will be getting a free HTC Vive Pre!

I wait for any reply from the View-Master people …


… but I think the answer will be No. The Nexus 6P will fit, but without any kind of bumper case. See this YouTube video as proof.

7 Ways to Move Users Around in VR Without Making Them Sick

And some big news:

Previously here:

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