VR Notes #6


The VR View-Master 2.0 Will Be the Best Google Cardboard You Can Buy

The View-Master Virtual Reality Viewer 2.0, available this fall, does see a price bump to $40.

What’s incredibly disappointing in that quote? No, it’s not the price increase. It’s “available this fall.” We need this ASAP, Mattel!

vnorama: A Virtual Reality Video Player

vnorama is not just another virtual movie theater: experience fully immersive playback of VR video, including 3D rendering and 180° or 360° field of view.

VR reality check: in praise of the lazy audience

Interaction and choices are interesting additions once the preliminary excitement has kicked in. But let’s face it, most of the time you don’t feel like being the pilot. You just want to enjoy the ride.


VR design: How to create incredible, immersive VR and 360-degree projects

“There is a need to develop a better way for designing VR in a digestible way,” he continues. “We must extend our widescreen way of thinking and start thinking ‘spherically’. By designing our focal points in context of the environment image we discover a relationship with that environment. Thinking this way promotes thoughts about secondary interest features within the scene, rather than embellishing shots in the production phase. I believe this must work by presenting contextual framing in a hierarchical structure of primary and secondary features.”

A Violent Afternoon Creator Details Unique Filming Process, Image Showcased

My team built a six-foot camera mount that hung off the side of the Dodge Charger. … Removing the rig was difficult because the 360 camera sees everything, even its own shadow. So the mount had to be painted out, and in the case of the moving street below the camera, recreated.

Sundance’s VR films fail by passing the workload buck to their viewers

After watching this film, I thought a lot about another world of visual storytelling where actors seem to be in the same room as you and where viewers feel like they’ve really been warped into a live story: the theatre stage. Musicals and plays have existed for a pretty long time—from what I hear, longer than the VCR!—and they’ve pretty much perfected the format.

Theater companies generally don’t want viewers to spend a lot of energy—or deal with neck strain—to appreciate their shows.

How to Make a 360 Degree/VR Film: Part 1

Wanna make a 360° film? Since it’s such a new medium of storytelling there are bumps, humps and hurdles to overcome. As the content creators pump out material, the tech companies respond in-kind to the needs of this emerging industry. Creative problem solving, gear alterations and improvising are all the name of the game when working with 360° film, but the product is well-worth the effort! Be prepared to swing at the hip and build on the shoulders of others to see the new heights of where these immersive experiences can take us.

What I find amusing — and it’s not a comment on the above post — is how people who have never even read a book about filmmaking are suddenly thinking they can do VR stories. One post had the guy coming up with a footage syncing solution that was basically reinventing the clapperboard — by clapping his hands! Don’t do this to yourselves. Read at least one book on making a film.

A playlist of YouTube videos about Magic Leap.

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