Nook Glowlight Plus Rooting Notes #13

Series of posts continuing from Mike Cane’s xBlog.

There’s not a lot of action happening. This is unsurprising. I expect Barnes & Noble to be eating massive losses on this new Nook. There are more dust bunnies than people at in-store Nook areas. The hubris of B&N’s mutant DRM is finally taking its revenge.

From jwalraven, a concise guide to setting up the Nook Glowlight Plus with ADB and installing APKs.

From clavierkid, another guide.

The Notification Bar can disappear, but there’s a solution. Also, FastMode 2 doesn’t work. Both according to clavierkid:

I got a notification bar that works with an app called Super Status Bar.

I’ve also confirmed that FastMode 2 doesn’t work, as expected. I thought it was worth a shot.

FastMode permitted suppressing screen refresh, as seen in this demo video with the prior eInk Nook:

More information about that is at XDA Developers forum.

And that’s really about it! With color-screen six-inch Android tablets now down to US$49, the appeal of a monochrome six-inch eInk tablet at US$129 seems to no longer exist like it once did.

Previously at Mike Cane’s xBlog:

Nook Glowlight Plus posts

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