Posting From Best Buy

I really like this Asus Chromebook. But for US$199, not the US$249 Asus wants. The screen isn’t full HD and sucks in portrait mode with PDFs.

Anyway, I’ve been checking in from various demo models at stores and have seen some exciting Mobile World Congress announcements.

I’ll try to catch with everything tomorrow (Monday, Feb 22).

Next-day update: The strange thing about this Asus Chromebook is that I’ve never found two with the same keyboard behavior! I don’t know if people are playing with Settings or if I’m on a hidden camera show being punked. In the original text above, the Asus was giving me a curly apostrophe — in plain text! This upset the HTML text spacing. I’ve since gone in and fixed that. Sometimes, I’ll get a letter with an accent over it by default. I have to press the letter key — say for “A” — twice, to de-accent it. So weird.

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