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The Seven Warning Signs Of A Ticking Time Bomb

White Male Married “Family Man” Homeowner Corporate Employee Likes Weapons

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Matt Drudge Doesn’t See The Irony

Twitter: The guy who exists only because of the Internet.

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Mi 5 Phone YouTube Livestream (3AM EST!)

This is a screensnap, not the video: With Hugo Barra hosting from Mobile World Congress, it’ll likely be in English. At 3AM (or 2:05AM, who knows which is correct?), I will be asleep. Besides, there have already been so many … Continue reading

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Pay Attention! It’s The French!

Twitter: No cracks about Jerry Lewis. Those are film critics, not literary critics.

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Charbax Finds A Snapdragon 652 Chinese iPad Mini Clone

OK, this got me excited. An iPad Mini clone with Retina-class screen, sleek design, and a Snapdragon 652 CPU. As well as LTE 4G wireless. Charbax, of ARM Devices.net, found this lovely beast at Mobile World Congress.

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TechTablets Gets The MiPad 2 With Windows 10

The TechTablets site has finally gotten the MiPad 2 with Windows 10. Spoilers up front: 1) The USB-C port runs at USB 2.0 speeds: 2) There’s still no HDMI-out (the Android version lacks it too).

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