TechTablets: MiPad 2 With Windows 10 Benchmarks, Impressions

TECHTablets has a second video up now, with benchmarks and overall impressions.


Here’s the benchmark for the internal storage:


Other benchmarks are shown and I won’t reiterate them here.

Battery life is better than other Chinese eight-inch Windows 10 tablets he’s tried:


The Edge browser is smooth:


How dim the screen can become is particularly notable, being very good for reading in the dark:


A rare portrait view:


He’s suitably impressed with it but notes it lacks a microSD card slot, HDMI-out, and the USB-C port runs at USB 2.x speed.

There’s a post too: Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Windows Unboxing and First impressions

A reminder that this would be the tablet’s price if Xiaomi were to sell it to Americans via their Mi dotcom site:


Don’t agree to the price the gouging middlemen want! Don’t encourage them. Without demand, they’ll have to drop their prices.

Also, my advice is to wait for the rumored dual-OS Android/Windows version. Perhaps Xiaomi will boost the RAM to 4GBs. The price will probably go higher (1499 or 1599 yuan?), but it’ll be worth it.

As a side note, this is the damn tablet Best Buy should be stocking, not that crap under their Insignia house brand and their OEM partner brand Digiland.

Now the video:

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 (Windows) First Impressions, Benchmarks & Audio

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6 Responses to TechTablets: MiPad 2 With Windows 10 Benchmarks, Impressions

  1. No microSD?? I’ll pass.

  2. mini-skate says:

    What is the best alternative then?
    Great blog by the way.

  3. Andres O says:* has a review of MiPad 2. Interesting quote from there: “Another feature: Windows 10 can be installed on the MiPad 2 (64 GB model). The user officially has to decide which operating system, Android or Windows, is to be used.”

    Does it mean that only one OS, not side by side.

    Cons: – no microsd support, screen’s color reproduction, 2 GB of RAM, no GPS, no NFC.
    Pros: battery is recharged via USB 3.1 standard(?), etc.


    • mikecane says:

      There is a rumor of a dual-OS version of the tablet, but I wouldn’t count on it. It would be like other dual-OS tablets, Android or Windows running at one time, a reboot to switch OSes.

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