Charbax Finds A VR Headset With Dual 2K Screens

Charbax does it again at Mobile World Congress 2016.

A VR headset with a funky wired remote. It’s powered by the Rockchip 3288 and has dual 2K screens.




There was no clear shot of this image, but that’s a USB port, headphone jack, and possibly an AC jack:


And there’s a microSD card slot on the side:




It’s US$600 in quantities of one thousand. Ouch.

I’m not getting excited. I need to know how good the screens are. Resolution isn’t everything when it comes to VR. Low-persistence, contrast, brightness control, and field of view matter too.

The video:

2K dual VR headset by Skyworth on RK3288

This is Charbax’s second scoop at MWC.

Previously here:

Charbax Finds A Snapdragon 652 Chinese iPad Mini Clone

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