“Samsung VR” Is Cheaper Than Super-8 Was

Back in the day, I was a subscriber of this:


Not that I could afford any of the equipment back then. That shit was expensive.

If you wanted a pro-level camera, it could be around US$1,500.

But still. I dreamed.

Some people actually did: Making of is hard to do

For true believers like me, they were treasures. I subscribed to looney mags like SUPER 8 FILMMAKER and CINESCAPE, I collected film equipment, I studied the writings of Lenny Lipton.

And I made movies—handmade things I cut with scissors and spliced together with film glue. I eventually bought Final Cut Pro and joined the ranks of non-linear editors, but only after spending years lugging my own Steenbeck with me across the country.

Now, tools infinitely more powerful than any I ever had come for free on your phone.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

This post is inspired by my finally beginning to check out the Gear 360 camera introduced at MWC. This video specifically:

Samsung Gear 360 Camera Hands On | Mashable

Holy shit. It does stitching on the phone!

Anyone can do VR prototyping with a setup that costs far less than a Super-8 film outfit cost back when!

My head spins. Future Shock.

Previously here:

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