Video: Bad Content Will ‘Destroy’ VR Industry

I’ve pulled out behind-the-scenes screensnaps from this short video. I love behind-the-scenes stuff. These are from an HD rip, so click to enlarge. There’s some interesting text.


Bad content will ‘destroy’ the virtual reality industry, says Emmy winner James Milward of entertainment production company Secret Location. Secret Location recently won an Emmy for their work on the Sleepy Hollow Virtual Reality Experience.










Bad content will ‘destroy’ VR industry – BBC Click

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2 Responses to Video: Bad Content Will ‘Destroy’ VR Industry

  1. Ric Day says:

    These “leave it to the pros” screeds are either protectionist or egotistical. I lean towards protectionist. “I”m an expert and only experts can make this stuff” = “I don’t want inexpensive competition in this market.”

    VR/AR open up the possibility of entirely new ways of telling stories and I, for one, don’t want to see the business strangled by rules and restrictions; I want to see what really creative people can imagine.

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