America 2016, Germany 1930s


The complete guide to fleeing President Donald Trump’s America

Scare talk?


Anyone who understands the history of Nazi Germany knows that Hitler was considered a buffoon who had no chance of being a leader.

Look how that turned out.

Anyone who thinks a President Trump will suddenly change into someone reasonable and passably sane is in for the same kind of surprise Germans had back then.

Listen: I’m not someone given to panic. Back in the 1970s, people went nuts over a Nixon Presidency. Aside from his criminality, America actually progressed under him. His own view of the Presidency was that Americans picked someone to represent them internationally. Under Nixon we got things such as the EPA. The first visit to Communist China. He let Congress do what it wanted, basically. Wikipedia is absolutely correct here. I lived then. I was aware of what was going on. Nixon never scared me.

Trump scares the fuck out of me.

He wants to round up “illegals” and mass deport them? That’s the talk of Hitler with Brown Shirts! It doesn’t matter how “illegal” someone is. We have the Bill of Rights — and those are human rights, not limited to “legal Americans.”

He bans reporters and has them removed? How the hell will we ever get any coverage of what he’s really up to without a press telling us?

He has dissenters banned from his rallies before he appears? What will he do when people try to assemble in D.C. to protest? Have them shot?

This guy is out of his mind to begin with. He’s not going to change should he win office.

He’ll only get worse.

Just like that guy they called a silly buffoon in Germany.

And if you think Trump is an anomaly, you’d better read the following link. He could be the first of many.

A niche group of political scientists may have uncovered what’s driving Donald Trump’s ascent. What they found has implications that go well beyond 2016.

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4 Responses to America 2016, Germany 1930s

  1. jasaero says:

    That’s a pretty interesting article. It’s also interesting how there is a pretty large faction of the GOP that is effectively the polar opposite of these Trump Authoritarians. The individual liberty and constitution focused factions that see a police state developing and being exploited by sorts like our current leader and probably eventually here by Trump. I actually think there are even voters throwing support behind Trump who fear these same things, but are somehow blind to what he represents thinking he will just enforce standing law and not do his own thing. I’m mostly confused by those voters….it’s like they aren’t at all familiar with Trump and how he has operated over the years. He is a classic example of a wealthy guy who uses his wealth and power to try and act outside and above law when and where ever he can get away with it. I want to see laws as they are written enforced…but there still needs to be due process and all the rest. And something like going around hunting for people supposedly here illegally rather than using more standard forms of enforcement or saying some broad group can’t even go through normal legal immigration channels is just wrong.

    And technically I am a big supporter of Cruz even though to many he may seem similar. His primary point is we need to get back to constitutional government and following other laws that are on the books. I support him because that means to a large degree we need to repeal and scale back a lot of what has evolved into a very authoritarian level of government and regulation over the last 100 years that goes wildly outside the realm folks like Thomas Jefferson had in mind and very much into the realm Patrick Henry had warned we would get.

  2. jasaero says:

    I do want to add the core questions for identifying authoritarian tendency are a bit loaded. There is a large group of people that will be perplexed by each of those questions and not want to put one over the other. There needs to be a follow up question to each of those to gauge how much more important one is over the other or if they are nearly of equal importance. I think including that aspect would give different gauge of how many are really authoritarian. There is also a liberal slant in the article in general. I see some of the social “rights” enforcement through courts and non-enforcement of standing laws that are in place due to democratic processes as their own form of authoritarianism. This to a degree gets into Robert Bork’s inkblot stuff though. My fear with the rights enforcement is that the trend is that there is no boundary on the size of the inkblot and it is therefore of infinite size and decided by man rather than God. It’s already trying to create equivalences that don’t exist rather than simply treat things equally.

    Basically I think the article is assuming some of the fears of us on the right are stemming from changes in social and demographic things that aren’t what we fear at all so much as corrupted interpretations of the intent of existing laws. If the intent of existing laws is incompatible with some aspect of a changing society you need to change the laws….not reinterpret them or simply quit enforcing them. The real issue is we have had an authoritarian federal government for well over 100 years now when it was supposed to be a LIMITED government. The power one can wield from the White House would not be sufficient to draw a whole lot of attention from authoritarians to these elections if it were still properly limited. This is why the real authoritarians have traditionally been focused on City and HOA variety politics! That tends to be the only level without some sorta limiting laws on what power one can wield.

  3. I started to worry when he said something along the lines of “I could shoot someone in the middle of Times Square and not lose support from my supporters”.

    Then there was the time when he looked into the news camera and said “I hate reporters but I wouldn’t have any of them killed”.

    Can you imagine him at a G15 summit? Or giving a speech at the United Nations? I am not American but I worried.

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