“Hollywood In A Box”


A TEDx talk from 2014 that is even more relevant now.

And holy freakin hell:



The only things that exist are those things he must touch.

I wonder how many sets are CGIed? Has anyone done a poll?

And what about locations?




My wife recently put on the VR goggles and took them off very quickly and said, “My god! This is going to be bigger than the Internet!”

Now the video:

Virtual reality — how the metaverse will change filmmaking | George Bloom | TEDxHollywood

Previously here:

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2 Responses to “Hollywood In A Box”

  1. This is so incredibly wrong-headed. I talked with Ewan McGregor on ‘Star Wars’ and he told me it was completely impossible to act against virtual sets. Standing beside a white wall which will become the Trevi Fountain has nothing to do with being there because ‘act’ is part of ‘react’, which is what actors do with surroundings. It’s fine for Hollywood, I guess, but I no longer care about Hollywood films. Watch ‘White God’, which amazingly was shot in camera, and tell me if it would have been better virtual.

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