Sedentary VR For The Win?

Steve Troughton-Smith, an influential developer who has not only an Oculus Rift Developer’s Kit (I forget if it’s 1 or 2 or both) but also just got in the HTC Vive.



Unwittingly, he echoes my opinion after I imagined playing a VR version of Half-Life 2, when I watched the regular game on the Xiaomi MiPad 2 with Windows 10.

What’s the most sedentary activity people engage in online?

Being “social.” Mark Zuckerberg will corner that VR market.

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1 Response to Sedentary VR For The Win?

  1. Dean Johnson says:

    I love the Vive and am happy to stay ‘virtual’ for as long as I’m entertained. Playstation VR is more comfortable, Rift is lighter but the 15 x 15 ft room is addictive and I’ve never succumbed to motion sickness with quality content. All three step up the game by adding genuine presence through the ability to replicate natural head movements rather than an anchored 360º view.

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