Apple Discovers It Lives In The Real World


Apple Rejected by U.S. Supreme Court in $450 Million E-Book Case

Apple Inc. must pay $450 million to end an antitrust suit after the U.S. Supreme Court refused to question a finding that the company orchestrated a scheme to raise the prices for electronic books.

The justices turned away an appeal by Apple, leaving intact a federal appeals court ruling favoring the U.S. Justice Department and more than 30 states that sued.

The rebuff means Apple must comply with a settlement it reached with the states in 2014. The accord calls for Apple to pay $400 million to e-book consumers, $20 million to the states, and $30 million in legal fees.

But I doubt “Boss” Eddy Cue — Jobs’ henchman in charge of orchestrating this — understands the decision.

Does anyone at Apple understand it?

The appeal should have never been filed. They were caught. They should have just STFU and paid up. Now they look like any other bastard tech company willing to throw everyone under the bus for their own ends.

At least when it comes to the Apple Watch, Apple is scared as hell of the implications for health monitoring and understands the FDA would cut them all new assholes for violations. Not to mention the swarm of lawsuits from wronged users.

And if you hate paying more than $9.99 for an eBook, don’t curse book publishers. Curse Apple.

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