Video: Dean Johnson’s #VRUK Keynote


Look at that shirt! OK, enough snark. I did that to him on Twitter while I was watching the video.


The thing is, he praises Cardboard but then …


… wait for it …


… stabs 360 videos in the heart:


He’s experienced The Void. And lots of other things. He speaks from the future. So what does a peasant like me know? I don’t even have a shirt like his!

See the video:

Dean Johnson: VRUK State and Future of VR keynote

Previously here:

Is 360-Degree Video Even VR?

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1 Response to Video: Dean Johnson’s #VRUK Keynote

  1. Dean Johnson says:

    I’m not anti-Cardboard – far from it – I love that it reaches a mass audience. The 360ยบ (non-stereoscopic) issue pervades all headset types. I’m happy with a good bit of ‘proper’ stereoscopic content on any device. Oh, and the shirt was projection-mapped onto my grey chest.

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