VR Notes #10: Mainly Production Stuff

Yeah, rotsa ruck with risking your expensive phone …


Virtual Reality Viewer Made from Recycled Cardboard

No longer virtual: First impressions—and many hours—with HTC’s Vive Pre

Playing in room-scale VR for hours, rather than for 15 minute demos, also highlights just how tiring room-scale VR gaming can be. I’m not unfamiliar with working up a sweat playing video games—I’ve been totally exhausted after long sessions of Wii Tennis or Dance Dance Revolution, for instance. But those games are usually played in quick bursts, allowing for easy breaks in between. When you’re in VR, it’s hard to find a table or chair to take a load off, especially since you probably cleared out those potential tripping hazards before setting up your VR room. I resorted to sitting on the floor to give my feet and back a break during the lengthy loading times when I was switching games during a long Vive session.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

It seems there needs to be a Suspend To Rest mode in there.

This Game Company is Using VR to Preserve History

Daly said the first project, “Virtually Inside the Tanks,” which allows viewers to experience riding in a moving T55 tank, taught his team that 360-degree viewers want to watch about three and a half minutes of content. They had packaged a six-minute experience from that shoot at The Tank Museum in Dorset, England, which houses the largest collection of tanks in the world.

Virtual-Reality Movies: Get Ready for the VR Revolution

One solution is to use visual cues: A character might point behind you, for example, prompting you to turn toward an approaching villain. But usually, said Mr. Stromberg, it’s like a dinner party: You end up turning toward whoever’s talking. Some classic film techniques, however, simply don’t translate easily. “The idea of a close-up is not something I think of in VR,” Mr. Stromberg said. “You actually feel like you’re intruding.”

Building a 360 Video live streaming system

3. Kodak SP360 4k. This two camera rig is ideal for my laptop solution except for one big problem. The HDMI and USB ports are right next to the tripod mount so you can’t mount the camera and charge/stream at the same time. This is a major design flaw and one I did not see till I actually had the cameras in my hands. I got around it by creating my own mount, first with gaffers tape and then with screws, but still had to cut away some plastic from the HDMI cables to make it fit.

Your Complete Guide to the World’s Best 360° Cameras — all for flat video, not 3D.

VR Animated Series ‘Sequenced’ Creates Truly Reactive Storytelling in VR

One of the later scenes which features a confrontation between a tribal leader and a member of a recon team from the last city, contains over thirty triggers and five different story branches inside the scene itself—and while that means an intense amount of alternate footage, it also lends itself to massive replay value.

Virtual reality will be stuck in limbo until it gets its own language

Watch enough of Facebook 360 videos, for example, and you start to notice that despite offering viewers full 360 degree video, VR content still really only wants you to focus on one thing at a time.

The Face Forward problem. Blame it on us not having eyes in the backs of our heads. It’s rumored that Biblical Seraphim and Cherubim had multiple eyes that enabled 360-views.

In-Depth Feature: VR (r)Evolution

In fact, the field is so new that no one’s even settled on the terminology. Some reserve the term “virtual reality” for more interactive and viewer-directed experiences, which makes it more apt for the emerging breed of games like Oculus’ long-awaited multi-player shooter EVE: Valkyrie. (A forthcoming Neuromancer-inspired game named Technolust is one of Occupied VR’s flagship projects.) The phrase “360 video” may become the preferred one for the immersive, stereoscopic short films (whether doc and narrative) and music videos that users of the Vrse, Oculus and Jaunt apps are already seeing with their phones and Google Cardboard viewers. (To save any further confusion in this article, “VR” covers both.)

And most surprisingly:

I think the whole gotta-be-360 thing is going to fall away,” he says. People may demand it to “make them feel for the characters they’re watching.”

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

I’m not sure about that. Maybe 180-only — at times — will be the VR equivalent of a close-up? But how will 180 even work? Does he realize it’s half a sphere?

Marketing, but still interesting: How to Add Text, Logo, and 2D video onto 360° Footage | Intro Level | SkyBox Studio

This tutorial covers step-by-step: importing your stitched 360 degree footage, setting up your Main comp, placing a rectangular logo over your footage, and placing a round logo to cover the camera rig at the bottom of your composition. We also see how to use After Effects text tool for 360 video, and how to import flat (1920×1080) video, and integrate it over 360 footage. Then we render the 360° comp.

This came over Twitter via a VR account, but it’s not VR: First-Ever Go-Pro POV Movie ‘Hardcore Henry’ Makes You Fight For Your Life

The trailer is pure badass and I can’t help but think about what it would look like in 360:

Hardcore Henry | Official Trailer | STX Entertainment

A keen insight into human beings: How Virtual Reality Could Destroy Western Society

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