2016’s Version Of Circa-1970s Super-8 Filmmaking


I’ve been thinking a lot about VR video resolution, which manifests itself mainly as the “screen door effect.”

And you know what? It probably doesn’t matter.

Early TV had crap resolution.

Compared to 35mm and 16mm, Super-8 had crap resolution.

Early YouTube had very crap resolution.

So did Apple’s QuickTime.

And Polaroid instant photos had crap resolution against Kodak send-it-to-develop-it film.

VHS had crap resolution compared to arch-rival Betamax.

None of that mattered.

It probably doesn’t matter with VR video either.

Previously here:

“Samsung VR” Is Cheaper Than Super-8 Was

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4 Responses to 2016’s Version Of Circa-1970s Super-8 Filmmaking

  1. Ric Day says:

    Agree with your analysis.

  2. Mike Cane has traveled to the future. Confirms that kids using VR version of Instagram love the retro screen door filter.

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