R.I.P. Production Designer Ken Adam

Sir Ken Adam, James Bond production designer, dies aged 95

The backdrops and props he created for the Bond films included Blofeld’s volcano hideaway in You Only Live Twice – a set which reportedly cost more than the entire production budget of Dr No.

Sir Ken told the Los Angeles Times last year: “`One critic asked, ‘How did you ever get inside the volcano?’.

“I didn’t get inside the volcano! I think that is the function of a film designer, to create something which the audience has never seen.”

His work for Stanley Kubrick’s Dr Strangelove, included the best movie-set ever built, according to Steven Spielberg.

Sir Christopher said: “It is said that when Ronald Reagan first became president, he visited Washington and asked one of his aides to see the War Room under the Pentagon, and the aide said: ‘Mr President, there isn’t one.'”

I don’t think any film has had sets that matched his. These days, people are put in front of green screens and their surroundings are conjured out of algorithms and CGI. There’s just no WOW! Factor in that.

Rest in peace.

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