Jaunt VR App On The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7

Someone I know has this tablet.

So I thought I’d satisfy my curiosity — and torment myself! — by trying the Jaunt VR app on it.

The experience was the disaster I expected.

Look at that:


Time Warner Cable provides such crap service! They claim I’m getting 30Mbps. Only when they tell me to run a speedtest and they goose my connection. It’s otherwise bullshit and outright fraud.


Oh yes. After hearing Sam Macaroni on that podcast (which I’ve now listened to three times), I just had to:






And thanks Time Warner Cable …


… for nothing!


I have no idea what I touched that led to this:


But I got it back to fullscreen.

And ow! …


… that watermark! And what’s up with that stitch mismatch?


Weirdly, VR doesn’t seem to use the tablet’s accelerometer. I had to paw the screen to change the view.

It all looked craptastic. The screen is a miserable 1024 x 768. Time Warner Cable’s connection is garbage. I only ran it once. Because I can only stand to torment myself so much and no more.

Sam Macaroni isn’t happy with Google Cardboard. He wants people to watch this in the Samsung Gear VR.

Well, Sam, I just experienced something worse than Cardboard!

Previously here:

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