Xiaomi Products On Sale In America At B&H Photo

If you think Xiaomi’s mi.com site is the only place in America to buy a Xiaomi product, you’d be wrong.

Yesterday I was at B&H Photo to check out their new offerings. And to specifically see the Ricoh Theta S camera, which has made some waves among VR people.

And I stumbled upon the Xiaomi Yi Sport Camera!

It turns out B&H Photo lists five products from Xiaomi.

This was my first encounter with an actual Xiaomi product.

And my reaction?

Damn, it felt cheap.

Specifically, it was this model on display:


The plastic felt as if it belonged on a toy.

I wasn’t at all impressed. Perhaps it functions well for the price, but my overall impression was that GoPro doesn’t have anything to worry about. Touching the Xiaomi camera was enough to warn me off it.

Anyway, if anyone out there wants to see a Xiaomi product up close, head over to the second floor at B&H. You’ll find this on the wall opposite the drone display — where the GoPro and other similar cameras are out for examination.

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2 Responses to Xiaomi Products On Sale In America At B&H Photo

  1. Ric Day says:

    Steering well clear of Apple’s ;lawyers, it seems.

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