VR Industry As Of March 2016


From The Venture Reality Fund.

I expect the top row to explode and to tower over everything else.

What’s concerning is distribution. I don’t want to see things collapse as they did with books. Books are dominated by Amazon, Apple, Google, and Kobo (Barnes & Noble’s Nook is on its way out). I’ve never liked this stranglehold techies have on books. They don’t understand books.

And techies won’t understand “content” (I loathe that word), either, unless it’s a game. Come on, can you imagine Breaking Bad coming out of Apple? Or Google?

Independent producers will be key to the success of VR storytelling. And independents like being just that: Independent. The impulse of the techie universe is sign-up, lock-in, and then act as police. Distribution strangleholds will kill storytelling for VR.

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