Yes! Let Us All Be Donald Trump!

Helicopter Money: Global Central Banks Consider Distributing Money Directly To The People

Should central banks create money out of thin air and give it directly to governments and average citizens? If you can believe it, this is now under serious consideration. Since 2008, global central banks have cut interest rates 637 times, they have injected 12.3 trillion dollars into the global financial system through various quantitative easing programs, and we have seen an explosion of government debt unlike anything we have ever witnessed before. But despite these unprecedented measures, the global economy is still deeply struggling.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

I’ve followed this financial meltdown since January 2008 (see the most important posts). It’s never been over. It’s the endgame of Dollar Uber Alles and it will never stop on our current course.

If they really want to give us money, great! I’ll take the same million dollars that Trump brags he started out with. And I’ll goddammed create with it, not just spend it.

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2 Responses to Yes! Let Us All Be Donald Trump!

  1. richfinck says:

    Yeah, the IRS knows where I live. I’ll even meet the mailman so he doesn’t have to open the mailbox. Send mine in ten thousand dollar bills.

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