Alcatel Idol 4s Will Include A VR Store

Despite the news of the Snapdragon 820 ZTE phone, I have a lingering interest in the Idol 4s.

So I watched a brand-new video out of Russia about it and learned it will have a VR Store!


It appears around the 4:40 mark in the video, and here’s the Store itself:


With its Snapdragon 652 CPU, it scores near 80,000 with AnTuTu 6.0.1, which is — in my opinion, at least — the new current-generation low-end score:


That’s twice as powerful as the low-end for the prior generation of devices.


This phone should not stutter at all.

Unfortunately, although VR is mentioned in the Russian-language video, the bundled headset was not shown. This Idol4s was a prototype unit — one of the few words I could understand.

Now the video:

Знакомтство с Alcatel Idol 4S

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