Stan Lee’s Lucky Man

“What if luck is something you can own?”


Stan Lee’s Lucky Man

Set in the city of London, England, the series’ main character is Harry Clayton, a talented Detective Inspector and gambling addict, who is gifted with an ancient bracelet that endows the wearer with immense luck. Investigating crimes alongside his partner Suri, and guided by the enigmatic benefactor of his bracelet, Eve, Clayton uses his new ability to combat common criminals, and those who want the power of the bracelet for themselves.

That synopsis makes it sound rather comic-book-y. But the first episode hooked me.

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4 Responses to Stan Lee’s Lucky Man

  1. It sounds like another Holmes pastiche, only this time we have a magic bracelet.

  2. I saw the pilot. It confirmed the validity of my avoiding shows titled “someone’s” something. That’s usually a sign that I won’t find it interesting.

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