Binge-Watch: Stan Lee’s Lucky Man


I binge-watched it this weekend.


It’s a weird series. Not hard-core crime (although it tries to be), not noir (although it tries to be), not at all like Forbrydelsen (although it tried really hard to be).

(One of the many, many Forbrydelsen-like aerial shots — which I think was actually pioneered by the Paul Haggis series, EZ Streets — which, unlike with Forbrydelsen and EZ Streets, added nothing to the story or mood:)


Up until episode eight, nothing really revved me up. I think part of that was due to the music, which was so un-music-like that it tended to level out all of the scenes.

With episode eight, things really picked up, as did the music. And I got revved up until the end.

Ah, that end. I should have expected that from Stan Lee (even if it wasn’t something he wrote, it was a Lee ending).

And yeah — spoiler! — that hambone Lee gets a cameo:


Overall, it was more like something done for broadcast TV than something made for cable (it was for UK broadcaster SkyTV). But I was glad I watched it — the story kept me guessing, but I did figure out the mastermind many episodes before the reveal — and want to see the just-announced second season.

Here’s the theme music, which is driving Commenters on YouTube a bit crazy because it was apparently custom-made for the series and people have been looking for an actual full-length song:

Lucky Man intro theme (tv series)

Previously here:

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man

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