Dual-OS Onda V919 Air CH Gets Two Reviews

Google Translate of IMP3Net: Office entertainment combo, Onda V919 Air CH dual system tablet Reviews

Dual system tablet after generation Bay-Trail processor selling popularity, the user does prove there is a demand in this regard, Onda implement support for the dual system in the new generation of Cherry Trail processors, will undoubtedly further accelerate the popularity of Intel chips. At the same time, a key dual system of fast switching, but also to provide users with a simpler, more convenient mode of operation. Business office with Windows 10, switch to Android entertainment system, office entertainment truly become, this is a major trend in the future development of the 2in1 tablet! Onda V919 Air CH dual system price is only 1099 yuan / 64GB, even made a hundred dollars worth of Bluetooth wireless keyboard, good price.

They don’t cite any problems with the tablet. But the Android AnTuTu score is buried in a screensnap that’s small, dull, and when enlarged for reading reveals a pathetic 59,000-range.

Based on that review, some people might go for it.

But wait.

Now the truth …

TechTablets: Onda V919 Air CH

Onda’s latest dual boot retina tablet the V919 Air CH is unfortunately plagued by software issues. Windows 10 fails to restart or shutdown resulting in a BSOD each and every time which then leads to a reboot. The only way to power off the V919 in Windows is to do a hard power off (Not good for Windows) or boot over to Android and shut down the tablet. Now this could just be my unit, but a Windows recovery reset of the V919 Air CH didn’t fix the issue.


The build of the tablet is below that of Cube or Teclast’s build quality, with mismatched paintwork. Plastic MicroSD card flap and a more plastic feel to it. If the wireless and software issues can be fixed the V919 Air CH has the potential to be a fairly decent tablet. Until Onda address these issues I cannot recommend this tablet.

Surprisingly, he still gives it a review score of 6.9. It sounds like a zero to me!

After several years of producing tablets, it’s inexcusable for Onda to release something this bad.

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