Nook Glowlight Plus Rooting Notes #14

There hasn’t been a lot of action with this device. Or, it seems, much interest.

The day after my previous post, ZeroChaos announced a new version of ZeroLab Nooter:

1. Package includes modified by me Cool Reader:

– Autodetection device and configuration for E-Ink
– Adapted theme (contrasted icons, no backgrounds, e.t.c.) for E-Ink
– Correct adjustment of the backlight from the application without background shading at negative values
– Autokilling native Quick Access Toolbar when running Cool Reader to work adjust the backlight
– Working as a Launcher

2. Updated ReLaunch.

And the package now has English set as the default language.

RyogoNA made a new and simple sleep screen:


Mumblestumbles88 lists some apps he’s found that work well, including a version of the Kindle app.

The Xposed Framework can be installed and used on the Nook to tweak certain Settings. selcuko used it to change the behavior of the N button to make a short-press Back and a long-press Home. cazar tells how to do that:

You can configure ‘Click’ and ‘Long Press’ after adding ‘Screen On’ condition.

btw, you need to enable ‘Buttons – Allow External Devices – Miscellaneous’ to make it work.

Outstanding issues include finding out if PageTurner Pro works well. And there doesn’t yet seem to be a way to get a functioning version of Google Play Services installed.

At some point, B&N’s Nook division will have to liquidate their non-selling stock of the Glowlight Plus. Then people will be more interested in posts such as this one.

Previously here:

Nook Glowlight Plus Rooting Notes #13

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