Video: Xiaomi MiPad 2 Hacked For Windows/Android Dual-OS


The same person who pointed to hacking the MiPad 2 to make it dual-OS has posted a video showing it in action.

The above screen is one of the unappealing contortions to make it boot two different OSes.

Mi Pad 2 Dual Boot Windows and AOSP Android

It’s unclear what exactly is going on there, but it’s apparent that anyone who likes Xiaomi’s MIUI skin over Android won’t have it by using AOSP.

Only MiPad 2 owners desperate to have two OSes should attempt this. I still think people should wait to see if Xiaomi itself releases a dual-OS version. Perhaps it’ll have more RAM and storage.

Meanwhile, either this is a very elaborate April Fools’ joke by two companies or it’s an even bigger tablet WTF than yesterday’s post about Teclast:

Xiaomi x Hasbro = Mi Pad 2 “Sound Wave” Transformers

Same-day update:

Xiaomi is not pranking us.



So there have been so few MiPad 2 sales that they’ve decided to scrap the production overrun by turning it into a stupid robot?

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