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Ratings For VR: The Provocation

Earlier today: TV Devolution And Past/Present Codes. And VR? And here comes the thing that will provoke ratings for VR: Babies Fighting Babies – Trailer Releases For Outrageous VR Brawler ‘Bebylon: Battle Royal’ There are a lot of sentences there … Continue reading

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New Kindle Leaks: Oasis

Nate has the details: Kindle Oasis Leaks in China, Has an Asymmetrical Design Maybe it’ll incite lust in person. But I’m not so sure. Let’s see if the Paperwhite becomes the Nook-killer with a US$89.99 price. The rumor, according to … Continue reading

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Shhhhh! Pssssst!

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The Maddening Math Of VR Screens

Oculus Rift/HTC Vive: 1080 x 1200 per eye Samsung Galaxy S7: 1440 x 2560 total screen Sony Xperia Z5 Premium: 2160 x 3840 total screen But here’s the thing. Phone screen resolution has to be cut in half in one … Continue reading

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Video: Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Doing True 4K VR

The evidence:

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TV Devolution And Past/Present Codes. And VR?

TV shows are going way too far to attract viewers In a post-“Sopranos” landscape, moral transgression automatically signifies high art. Infanticide, incest, pedophilia, matricide, torture, rape, castration, cannibalism, mass murder — all are now commonly employed tropes meant to signify … Continue reading

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