TV Devolution And Past/Present Codes. And VR?

TV shows are going way too far to attract viewers

In a post-“Sopranos” landscape, moral transgression automatically signifies high art. Infanticide, incest, pedophilia, matricide, torture, rape, castration, cannibalism, mass murder — all are now commonly employed tropes meant to signify quality.

“It’s almost hard to fathom how far we’ve come in such a short time,” says Brett Martin, author of “Difficult Men: Behind the Scenes of a Creative Revolution.” Martin agrees that “The Sopranos,” which premiered on HBO in 1999, is responsible for the programming we see today. Before Tony Soprano, American TV audiences had never been so consistently exposed to a charming psychopath, one who so nimbly evoked fear, revulsion, sympathy, affection, horror.

“The degree to which ‘The Sopranos’ and its kind were a shock is incredible,” Martin says. “We’re still in the grips of that.”

Pre-Code Hollywood

Motion Picture Production Code

Comics Code Authority

Video game content rating system

So far, there’s only one “rule” for VR …


Don’t make the user sick.

Delivering VR for Everyone on Everyday Phones

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