Samsung VR Notes

Toss the manual with these two Gear VR setup tips

NCAA March Madness on Samsung’s Gear VR takes virtual reality court side, makes for two interesting games

Inside Gear VR, though, you’re there. Really there. You are courtside: you’re sitting so close to the action that you can touch the referee’s or athlete’s knee cap; reach out and grab the Sony camera that flies by you recording every moment of play; see the fast player action as teammates pass the ball so quickly that your eyes can almost miss it; see the paint on cheerleaders’ faces as they perform at halftime, and so on. Yes, you’re there in the moment as Brice Johnson dunks the basketball in the midst of Villanova’s strong presence around the basket. You can see every bounce of the basketball around the rim before it drops (whether in the rim or on the court is up to physics and chance).

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2 Responses to Samsung VR Notes

  1. Martin says:

    Thank you…Because After reading you for some time about VR, couple days ago I bought one for my phone is so much fun….I did not spend much money , just to try ones. so happy with it. Thanks man.

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