Magic Leap: Regular Bullshit?

Magic Leap posted a new video and there’s a gushing profile in Wired too: Hyper Vision: The world’s hottest startup isn’t located in Silicon Valley—it’s in suburban Florida. KEVIN KELLY explores what Magic Leap’s mind-bending technology tells us about the future of virtual reality.

I will stand alone — as usual — and call Bullshit.






I call Bullshit:


I don’t expect Magic Leap to post a video of that room because it doesn’t exist outside of CGI. And if they do post a video, there will be obvious tells that the room in that video is a CGI version.

Yes, I know they’re funded up the wazoo. So investors had to have seen something.

I’m calling Bullshit on one specific point in that specific video.

Which is not a good sign.

In an Age of Bullshit, all companies must strive to be bullshit-free.

Same-day update: It would have helped if I’d embedded the damn video, wouldn’t it? I am suffering a surprise cold and it’s playing havoc with my head. Here’s that video:

A New Morning

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1 Response to Magic Leap: Regular Bullshit?

  1. Dimitri Roche says:

    Looks like you were right. Great call.

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