Containment, Episode 1


So, if this first episode is any indication of how it’ll play out in real life, we’re so fucked.

Spoilers ahead.





A passenger airline stowaway from Syria has been deliberately infected with a modified flu virus, designated H7N2, on a mission of bioterrorism.


It’s been changed for accelerated replication and increased infectiousness.


Within hours the infected are like this …


… and before the day is over, like this:


This is some nasty shit.

An area of Atlanta is placed under quarantine:


And the government representative assures the people that if there’s no further spread within 48 hours, the quarantine will be lifted.


But here’s the entire problem with this series. It opens like this:


With scenes of chaos I won’t include here. So we already know what’s ahead.

Thanks for ruining the suspense!

This opening episode is nothing but a spoiler-filled trailer for episodes of mayhem to come.

I never saw the original series, but I’d be damned surprised if they spoiled things up front like that.

Having given me a glimpse of the future, I no longer care.

I won’t be watching more.

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