Containment, Episode 2


I’m halfway through the ten-episode Cordon so I decided to check out another episode of this adaptation.




Needlessly graphic:


That serves no point. The blood squirt could have been done without all the organs being shown. American overkill.

In this adaptation, there’s no professional journalist, just a baby-faced blogger:



Jana is trapped at her workplace with fewer people than in the original.


In the original, there’s no huge drug party of teens who become infected.


The streets of Atlanta are wider than Antwerp’s, so …


… a hella lot more containers are needed.

If I can curb my damn curiosity, this will be the last episode I watch.

I see how they changed things. And in doing so, they’ve stripped away all of the suspense and intrigue of the original. There’s nothing here to keep me hooked like the original.

Previously here:

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