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Cordon, Episode 2

I’m not likely to do a post about every episode. But I wanted to repeat the point I made in the prior comparison post: The government — no government — would move this quickly without having the damn Ace up … Continue reading

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The Blacklist: Season 3, Episode 19

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R.I.P. Musician & Singer Prince

I don’t need to provide links. The news will be all over the place. My only post about Prince was this, back in 2007, in which the Daily Mail link no longer works (they need to repeat a new version), … Continue reading

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The Original “Cordon” Versus America’s “Containment” Adaptation

I became curious, so I got a hold of the first episode of the original Cordon to compare it to Containment. I was surprised to see the similarities and the divergences.

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Containment, Episode 1

So, if this first episode is any indication of how it’ll play out in real life, we’re so fucked. Spoilers ahead.

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Magic Leap: Regular Bullshit?

Magic Leap posted a new video and there’s a gushing profile in Wired too: Hyper Vision: The world’s hottest startup isn’t located in Silicon Valley—it’s in suburban Florida. KEVIN KELLY explores what Magic Leap’s mind-bending technology tells us about the … Continue reading

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Marcella, Episode Three

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Finally! Why VR Video Looks Like Crap.

The post ends with marketing but all of the beginning is solid information. Why Does VR Video Look So Soft? Streaming HD-resolution 360° video really does result in a resolution comparable to old television (720 x 480 or 720 x … Continue reading

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The Blacklist: Season 3, Episode 18

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R.I.P. Actor Gareth Thomas, Blake Of Blake’s 7

Gareth Thomas, Blake’s 7 actor, dies aged 71 At its peak, the series was watched by 10 million viewers and was sold to 40 countries. Thomas claimed never to have watched a single episode of the show, which was derided … Continue reading

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