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About An Hour Of VR

This weekend I went back to the NYC Samsung Showcase. Anyone who wants to experience VR should go now. The long lines are gone and there are often empty seats in the VR Tunnel waiting for occupants. Samsung image Since … Continue reading

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The Rubes Of Corruption

Dear Mommy Blogger · Josi Denise I made thousands of dollars during months I was focusing and working hard to dig through box after box of shitty as-seen-on-tv like products and share “my 100% honest opinion” about them, that weren’t … Continue reading

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Disparue (The Disappearance), Episodes One & Two

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And Again, Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill – A Lifetime of Tragedy The very success principles so many benefit from today, were of little use to Hill throughout most of his life. By his mid-forties, years of unforced errors and poor judgment had caught up … Continue reading

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Videos: ZTE Axon 7 Hands-On, Camera Tests

And see the first images of the ZTE VR after the break.

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VR Quote Of The Month: Apple

Apple’s Route to Virtual Reality Apple will be nowhere in VR – until suddenly it is Previously here: Apple’s Christmas Surprise: A 4K VR Headset? VR Notes #4: Amazon Marches Towards Web-Based VR, Where’s Apple?, VR Needs John K., And … Continue reading

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XDA Developers: Mobile VR Forums

Click = big Mobile VR. Not much there yet. Just IonVR (who?), Samsung Gear VR (no one there has the Gear 360 camera yet), and Google Cardboard. Still, good tips so far. Previously here: Virtual Reality category

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Make America Ape Again

Twitter: Not that it was ever a surprise, but that image fits so well.

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Google Firebombs All New Phone Sales: No “Daydream-Ready” Ones

Existing Phones Unlikely to Qualify as ‘Daydream Ready’, Says Google, VR Fans Should Wait to Upgrade “I can tell you that there will most likely not be any ‘retroactively’ Daydream-ready phones,” Bavor says. “We want to hold a very high … Continue reading

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Alcatel Tries To Stay Relevant In VR

This is really sad. They should have had the Idol 4s with its VR headset out months ago. Now they issue a lame press release to try to distract people from the ZTE Axon 7 announcement: Alcatel to Support Google’s … Continue reading

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