Mobile VR Needs To Be Standalone VR

Huawei CEO: 2K Displays Are Unnecessary & Barely Enough For VR

But if you are thinking that 2K display smartphones are the perfect companion for VR headsets, then you are wrong. If you have ever tried VR, you would immediately realize that even in 2K, the images look a bit pixelated. This is because the resolution is split between your two eyes and the actual image you see is much bigger than the smartphone screen size. So, although 2K might be okay for VR, it is definitely not the best option out there.

This brings us to the question, so is 4K resolution screen the solution to this problem? Possibly, but then imagine the power consumption by the panel, which would make existing batteries run out in just a few hours, which is not acceptable. So, for now, 2K seems to be the logical solution for VR, but expect things to change in the months to come.

Well, there’s the problem.

It’s using a damn phone!

I understand what a neat hack Cardboard was and it will remain the entry point for many people.

But I’ve been thinking more and more about the HTC Vive demo I experienced and how much less of a screendoor effect it gave over the Gear VR.

In fact, I did the Samsung Showcase “4D” rollercoaster VR yesterday. It was neat but I never felt I was really there after I noticed a stitching mismatch and how much of a screendoor effect there was.

Samsung is developing a standalone VR headset

Simply put, this means that Samsung is developing a VR headset that will not require one of its smartphones to function. The headset will be a complete package with its own processing components and display, and may even have features like hand and gesture tracking, though Rhee says that it may take a few years before these features arrive in Samsung’s VR headsets. Rhee didn’t reveal any more details about this headset so it can’t be said for sure when the standalone VR headset will arrive, but at least we know now that Samsung is working on one.

Samsung needn’t open by competing against the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. Something a bit better than the current Gear VR (I loathe that touchpad!) with its own custom screens. Samsung is a screen maker and pioneer in that field. They can create a headset with two wee dedicated screens that could go a long way to minimizing the screendoor effect and therefore increase the enjoyability of even Made For Cardboard VR.

I keep turning over in my head the costs of a full Samsung VR setup and I still can’t justify it for myself.

1) I just don’t want the S7 phone. I wouldn’t want to use it as a phone. The screen is too small for me. So it’d be used just for VR. That’s an expensive viewer!

2) Putting in and taking out the S7 from the Gear VR would frankly be a pain in the ass. It’s a pain in the ass when I have to wait for them to do it at the Samsung Showcase VR Tunnel.

3) All that money spent to get the same damn screendoor effect I find so annoying!

So yes, Samsung, give us a separate VR headset! Maybe even try to jump to 2K dedicated screens. If you don’t do it, someone else will. Maybe Sony?

Google I/O is in less than a month. VR is going to undergo a huge shift then with all of the surprises Google no doubt is waiting to reveal.

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