China Tech Continues To Disappoint, This Time In VR

Hands-on Review of X360, a $100 360-degree camera

Beyond the horrible image quality, the X360 was extremely prone to freezing/crashing. Majority of the time, when connected via USB to a computer, it would either freeze or if it is able to connect, it would freeze in the middle of viewing the cameras’ file directory (before even downloading). That’s the honest reason why it took me far longer to post this review than I expected. I had a lot of difficulty even downloading the samples from the camera!

But the X360 would also freeze on other occasions. It was extremely unpredictable. I would turn it on and it would get stuck on the Welcome screen, even if I didn’t do anything. Sometimes it would freeze while taking a video. Other times it would freeze when shutting down.

And as a still camera, I had flashbacks to the cameras on all the crap iPad and iPad Mini clones China companies churned out.

This is supposed to be a 12Mpx image:

Click = big

Just look at the muddied grass. Wow.

Although the file is literally 3472 x 3472 (12mp), there is extreme noise reduction that wipes out all detail, and in fact I cannot see any more detail than an image at its 3mp setting (1728 x 1728)

What most cameras in those tablets did too — but at least they didn’t claim to be 12Mpx and really do 3Mpx!

Thanks to @360Rumors for wasting his money trying this out for everyone’s benefit.

Remember, kids: Do not believe the product hype out of China unless you see a review from a trusted, reliable source who isn’t trying to kiss ass for freebies. Not that those companies give out freebies, but some people want to kiss ass as a future investment for a job if the Chinese company enters the U.S. or their local market. Good luck with that, sellouts.

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1 Response to China Tech Continues To Disappoint, This Time In VR

  1. Mic Ty says:

    I think the only reason those fake iPad/iPhones didn’t claim to be high-res is because customers who tested it could immediately see the resolution on the large screen. On this camera, the screen is so small that a prospective customer testing it at a shop couldn’t see the image quality, so they can boldly claim what no cam has claimed before.

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