This Whole Blogging Thing …


Surprisingly, a machine that looks identical to the piece of crap I use appeared in Marcella.

Anyway …

There have been very few posts here lately. This is why.

  • Tablets: It’s the end of iPad clones from China. Nothing they’re producing interests me. And the companies have blown their big chance to enter the world stage. Intel will eventually withdraw and that’ll be the end of all of them. Here in America, Best Buy has shrunk their tablet section to a selection of just six. And half of those are Insignia (their own house brand) and Digiland (their OEM partner). The market is dying and the last tablets standing could be the iPad and the shit Amazon has produced. (And if Apple keeps stupidly raising the price of the iPad by $100, just Amazon!)

  • Virtual Reality: It’d be a waste of time for me to write about it with Google I/O happening next week. Everything is likely to undergo a huge shift then. And, in my own mind, I’m having a great deal of difficulty resolving the “360-degree problem” for storytelling. It could turn out that VR will be good only for games and for things that are only good for VR — and conventional storytelling might not be a part of that.

  • Books: I’ve temporarily(?) returned to buying print due to a lack of tablet. US$1 and US$2 books from NYC’s Strand Bookstore. I’ve read seven so far this year. But logistical problems have prevented me from updating the Mike Cane Reads blog so far. I have more than just seven posts to add there. Someday. And, god, I still hate print! The weight! The room they’re taking up! But the prices of their eBook equivalents are still outrageous, so …

  • Television: I remain behind with both Supergirl and Limitless, but I doubt I’ll do per-episode posts for those when I’ve caught up. Maybe a final wrap-up post. I’m not sure. I still haven’t seen season two of Fargo. Some other things are waiting to be seen too. I’m just able to keep up with Marcella and The Blacklist right now.

  • Readers: Very few people have moved over from the prior blog, Mike Cane’s xBlog. This blog has the smallest readership of any blog I’ve done! So, I’m wondering why I should even continue it. All other blogs began with a larger readership than this one has. I sometimes wonder if having the word “atomic” in the title is preventing access from company internets due to filters encountering a prohibited term. Can’t have atomic bombings in offices, can we? Dumb filters.

So, I hope that explains everything.

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4 Responses to This Whole Blogging Thing …

  1. kyriakos says:

    since you mentioned the lack of readers I just want to say that I was following your blog mainly for the tablet posts.

    You are right to point out that tablets are on the way out (and that’s not just a Chinese thing). it seems like people realized that they can’t do useful work efficiently on tablets and the ones who bought tablets for content consumption (and book reading) can do it with the models they already bought and having no reason to upgrade every year so the market is shrinking. While it is shrinking though, the convertible market is exploding. People want the best of both worlds, a laptop and a tablet in one. I guess though you are not one of them since you need a tablet primarily for book reading (same here by the way). Anyway just a rant.. :)

    p.s. contrary to the popular belief, intel is not withdrawing from tablets. its the mobile phone SoCs they killed off.

  2. Robert Jasiek says:

    I read your old and – still – this blog only because of tablets. After half a year with the iPad Mini 4, I want a Windows 4:3 (or 3:2) tablet as much as before but there is none suitable outdoors (other than heavy, clumsy, astronomically expensive ruggedised tablets). The closest we get is 16:10 2-in-1s with semi-matte display; I can discard the keyboard but have no use whatsoever for 16:10 or 16:9. The 3:2 Windows tablets (e.g. Surface) have a mirroring, glare display as bad as the iPad Air 1 and a battery duration to be divided by 2 when used with maximum brightness; I cannot use such tablets outdoors. So I do use the iPad Mini 4 also outdoors in the sun at noon. It barely works but is unpleasant and I have to recharge during the meals because iOS 9.3.1 dropped indoor use from 11:50 to 10:00 and outdoor use to 5:30 without recharging. File management is exactly as restricted as expected but possible with PDFs.

    Is it a tablet for you? Indoors reasonably long battery duration, night shift (useful during the evening and night, not during the day), reasonable indoor PDF reading concerning the display, for huge PDFs see your own tests, low weight, at times gets only a bit warm, reasonable hand-holding for hours. So the hardware is reasonable but you know the failures of iOS. I would not have paid more than €340 and was lucky to get mine delivered on the morning of xmas.

    When do I expect the first Windows tablet with hardware like current iPads? I am pessimistic: nothing changes, except for the Toshiba Dynapad, which has essentially disappeared while Toshiba is restructuring itself. The best new innovation (still with mirroring display, sigh) developed for the museum. So I find myself continuing with the desktop and the iPad emergency solution.

    Right, as to pleasant reading, still nothing beats books!

    • mikecane says:

      China iPad clones are dead. The remaining players are iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (Snap 652 CPU), and possibly another Asus ZenPad @ 8.0 (652). Even Best Buy had trouble unloading its Insignia Flex Elite 7.85 — but that’s probably due to initial Netflix incompatibility and ongoing no-apps-to-SD-card idiocy.

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