Get This As A Tattoo: China Business Is Different!


China Could Be Virtual Reality’s Dark Horse

Chinese companies aren’t the only ones looking for a middle ground between high-end, gaming-focused VR hardware and much cheaper headsets that need a phone to run. Google is reportedly working on its own standalone headset, and Samsung’s head of R&D for software and services Injong Rhee recently revealed that his company is working on a standalone solution as well.

Samsung’s and Google’s efforts will have to compete with a number of Chinese devices from the onset. “A lot of Chinese players will develop such products,” Hong said, adding confidently that Chinese companies are currently outperforming Western manufacturers for this segment.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

How cute. Earlier in the piece, this:

Facebook is banned in China, so the company can’t sell the Oculus Rift there. The ban also is blocking Samsung from selling its Gear VR headset, which is based on Oculus software. And Google has long been absent in China to avoid the country’s censorship requirements, so the company isn’t officially promoting Google Cardboard there either.

So that guy’s bragging is like saying you’re winning a race against no other runners!

For about two years, I closely tracked iPad and iPad Mini clones produced in China. Here’s one of my earliest posts: Guide To Chinese iPad Mini Clones. WordPress says I did seventy-six pages of posts in that Category.

I devoted thousands and thousands of hours to reading China tech sites, Weibo (their better version of Twitter), forums, and manufacturer websites.

And what I’ve learned is that most Chinese companies you’ve never heard of are powered by bullshit.

It’s those same companies — and types of companies — that will be flooding the VR market this year.

The idiotic American tech press will fall for the bullshit. In the linked-to article, it’s obvious Variety fell for the bullshit.

But don’t ever be deceived: It’s all bullshit.

Most companies are simply not world-class. They don’t support their products. They introduce product after product, burning through users (never forget there are several billion potential suckers in China alone) without any regard for their company’s longevity. It’s all about grabbing the dollars now.

As it was with iPad/iPad Mini clones, so it will be with VR out of China.

I would especially avoid cameras coming out of China. There are already early indications they’re going down the same road as the companies that produced the tablet clones.

And you’d think VR headsets would be safe? Well, let’s see if people report getting skin rashes from the materials used. Or develop vision problems from the cheap lenses. Do you want to take that risk to save a few bucks? Are you willing to have unknown carcinogens leaching into your skin?

The tablet clone companies themselves stopped using their own Chinese suppliers for batteries and cameras, that’s how unreliable and of how poor the quality of the products were. The companies got tired of being suckered before they could sucker their customers!

The Chinese tech consumer avoided their own domestic tablet products. The two models of iPad were a multiple of the price of the domestic clones. But the Chinese chose to spend all that money. They all had pre-tablet-clone experience with those companies and knew they’d be wasting their money on “bargains” that wouldn’t last, that would be filled with software bugs, and would never receive bug fixes.

Intel foolishly spent several billion dollars trying to drag those tablet companies onto the world stage. They failed. It’s now rumored MediaTek will buy that Intel tech, probably at a fire-sale price.

You’re probably thinking, Well, I’ll just read China tech sites and see the reviews.


They are overflowing with graft.

So are their forums.

So is Weibo.

The only time you find out the truth about a product is when an American or a European is brave enough to face the embarrassment of admitting they wasted money on something that turned out to be shit from China.

And let me give you this additional warning too: There are Americans and Europeans who will never admit if something from China is shit. Why? Because they’re corrupt suck-up ass-kissers who hope to get a job with one of those Chinese companies should they open a local branch. They’ll sell you out for their own advancement.

I’m a thorn in all of their paws. I won’t be bought or rented or even wooed. I published a very detailed FTC Disclosure at my last blog. And even though I haven’t added it here, it remains in effect. I’m not making myself to be holier than thou here, either. I’m just thoroughly disgusted with having my head twisted by all the liars out there and won’t aid and abet them.

They call it marketing. I call it bullshit.

It’s only marketing when your product matches the hype. When it turns out you’ve produced shit — cameras that produce muddy images of grass, software that doesn’t even do basic functions properly, batteries that balloon or stop charging, USB charging ports that break within a month of use — then it’s lying, not marketing. You’re not looking for customers, you’re looking for suckers. You don’t want to last in business, you want to fill your bank account and brag to your peers.

There will be a flood of VR products out of China. Don’t trust any of them.

China business is different!


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